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PyroPheliaof course, i'm just trying to figure out how to configure it now
PyroPheliadoes anybody here work lags often?
PyroPhelia(link aggregation) not network pings
PyroPheliano lag experts eh?
PyroPheliaowell, plan B.
PyroPheliaWhen configuring an etherbond, I know I can use 2 different ethernet cards just like I can use 2 different hard drives when building a raid, but what would the drawbacks be if they are both 1Gbps
PyroPheliaLACP not, RR
brbrbroh, wait, "plan B" is SSM nike sub ?
brbrbrshould Debian team start construct/build one ?:)
PyroPheliaI highly recomend it
PyroPhelianobody would ask "why doesn't debian have X" anymore
robokopmy down key doesn't work in X, in tty it does, any hints?
abrotmanwrong X keymap ?
robokopabrotman: where is the X keymap set?
izuais it possible to have a virtual network interface, so that if i write something to a file, it shows up as rx data, and if i tx data over the stack, this data shows up in another file?
izuai'm trying to develop an ethercat (industrial protocol) slave
izuaall i found was adding multiple ips for an interface in the form of eth0:1, eth0:2 which is not what i want
jelly-homeizua: google tun/tap
HardDisk_WPcan I use an TPM chip for storing gnupg secret key and doing encryptions with it?
HardDisk_WPi dont want the OS to be able to read the privkey
MarkGilhi, Debian base seems to want to use rsyslogd, which is consuming vast amounts of memory on my embedded system, for something that provides a trivial function.  Is there a better replacement, or a way of making rsyslogd leaner?
MarkGil30MB for an event log service is bloated to the extreme :-(
tuvacpid is causing high cpu usage after a few hours every time it's restarted. once it's restarted cpu usage goes back to normal for a few hours then it spikes again until the next acpid restart. has anyone seen this behaviour recently? any known fixes?
tongueroowhen i ssh into the box as root, my ~/.bashrc settings dont load... if i start a bash shell after login in the customizations load, any idea why the ssh login doesnt load the ~/.bashrc settings?
ArrowmasterMarkGil: have you looked at what emdebian uses?
babilenMarkGil: There are several different syslog daemons shipped with Debian. Try sysklogd or 'apt-cache search syslog' and evaluate your options
tuvwhat do i lose by shutting down acpid?
teclo-Hi, I would like to increase the brightness in a xvid video. What application can do that ? Thank you
tuvteclo-: you can do that at playback time using any decent video player (read mplayer)
robokopi have some problems with my xkeymap, where can i find my xkeymap?
tuvteclo-: man mplayer: keys 3 and 4 adjust brightness
teclo-tuv: ah ok but I would like to modify the video because it's too dark, shot at night
robokopteclo-: perhaps mencoder can help you out
babilen!tell robokop -about keymap
teclo-tuv: robokop thanks
pjjanyone else has problems with wicd-curses btw on debian unstable? (shuts down with an error, the gui client works fine)
babilentongueroo: Is bash not your default shell on the remote host?
tonguerooits the default, ive checked /etc/passwd
tonguerooand echo $SHELL
karl_khi ! anyone here know how to restart bluetooth upon resume ?
babilenpjj: check the BTS
KnuckOnetongueroo: echo 'source ~/.bashrc' >> ~/.bash_profile
babilentongueroo: you should put it into .bash_pro .... ah nvm
tonguerooKnuckOne : oh duh
robokopbabilen: the problem is i changed from a x86 to a amd64 install but i have backups from the old install and i would like to find my old keymap and use that one
karl_kputting a script in /etc/pm/sleep.d/ does not work
pjjbabilen: dunno how to copy paste from my urxvt but it has an attribute error (wiredcombobox has no attribute set_w)
unbounded11hi friends. what should i choose for dynamic dns for my adsl so i can connect with openvpn any of you friends using one that can recommend which go good with debian lenny
babilenrobokop: and you can't remember which one that was?
karl_khi unbounded11, dyndns has always been good for me
robokopbabilen: nope
unbounded11karl_k: thanks friend. btw it free is not it?
karl_kwell it was when i used to use it
robokopbabilen: because in my last install it defaulted to a correct keymap
babilenrobokop: Then just pick a suitable one. That might depend on the keyboard model and the language(s) you frequently type in.
unbounded11so i need to install its linux server daemon and conf it and run it and thats it.
karl_kyep, there is a dynamic update daemon afaik
pjjbabilen: nvm thought  you ment with BTS back trace or something, but you were refering to the debian bug tracking system, my bad
karl_kaptitude search dyndns
karl_kbtw, why not go for a static ip ?
unbounded11karl_k provider doesnot support static ips
karl_kwell dyndns was fine for me, they are reasonable people, in case you want to run some servers
karl_khmm, so anyone know how to restart bluetooth on resume ?
unbounded11karl_k i only need it for 1 machine and gona run openvpn and apache on it. i hope it will not get charged or have problem with it.
path_openvpn works well
path_I'd say its slower than ipsec
karl_kunbounded11: dyndns would not care,, openvpn is encrypted so your provider cant see what you do and apache is not usually a problem
babilenpjj: sorry ... should have spelled that out :-)
karl_kunbounded11: what do you use openvpn for ?
MarkGilif I wanted to restrict rsylog resource usage using ulimit, how would i do so?  There is a vague reference here (that does not actually tell you how to do it),
babilenMarkGil: Why don't you have a look at the alternatives. sysklogd will most probably have a smaller memory footprint. The idea to check what embedian uses was also quite good.
MarkGilI checked embedian, and it uses rsyslog!
babilenYou are sure that it is the default syslogd?
MarkGilit was the only package that came up when I searched for syslog
babilenTry the others and pick the one you like best. :-D
acuhow can I transfer files through xchat
ed__I made XMind go crazy and consume lots of resources so I ran killall Java. Some workbooks didn't open after that so I hoped it was Java or XMind that wasn't working after that and exitted GNOME. Now GNOME won't log out cleanly and oops, I've got some unsaved stuff in gedit. Any ideas on how to keep hold of the gedit stuff?
ed__Usually, it would prompt me to save, right?
ed__GNOME is being totally unresponsive
ed__Well, it doesn't seem to be reacting to my mouse much anyway
ed__Problem solved.
marius07acu open a dialog with me
MoDaX!+tell marius07 about private
dpkgtold marius07 about private (NO, we will NOT help you in private!  Ask your question in the channel so that others can help.  Don't send private messages to people asking for help, either, or you will be /ignore'd.)
adbmarius07,  /j #debian-ro
antgeli've just connected a lenny box to an LCD TV with resolution 1366x768, and pretty low DPI (say around 50?)  my fonts in certain apps look crap.  e.g. rxvt and openoffice are fine.  iceweasel is fine except for the menu bar and url bar.  picard and easytag are almost unusable.  clue anybody?
simonrvnwhat's with the "pls msg me foo" stuff lately?
antgelNB i'm not using kde or gnome
antgelsimonrvn: hi
simonrvnhey antgel
antgelall good in the hood i hope :)
simonrvnup your dpi and maybe reduce the res.
simonrvnyup, here anyway
KnuckOneyeah, also "man fonts.conf" should help
simonrvnantgel: how 'bout you, doin' ok?
antgelsimonrvn: hmm, 1366x768 is native res.  i wish i could leave dpi at the native setting, what i don't get is why some fonts are readable, and some are scrawny
antgelKnuckOne: can doodly-do
antgelsimonrvn: yeah, bit of a crappy year, been in a sort of self-inflicted limbo but my load has lightened (oo-er) and things looking up
simonrvngood, so not great but improving. that's encouraging =)
PenixI've always avoided 1366x768 on my 32" LCD TV. everything looks so much better at 1280x720
Arrowmasterif you arent using kde or gnome maybe some of the fonts are being anti-aliased while others arent
nik0zGive instant Google Wave invites for Dropbox Refferal SignUp: U don't need to send me mail, I will see it after sign up!
antgelxrandr reports 59.8 dpi. let's call it 60.  but the weird thing is, it's 32" wide, and 1366/32 is more like 43.  weird
Arrowmasterwhat gfx card?
antgelArrowmaster: the crap fonts are so *tiny*, it's hard to say if they're being anti-aliased
antgelradeon hd 3600
TrueDDGnight to all
antgeli suppose i can have a go with FC_DEBUG.  ballache
dpkgwell, debian is  See
babilen!tell mercutio22 -about self tell
Drunken_Ironyi'm using a core i7 processor, which type of debian should i download for the usb installer?
Drunken_Ironyamd64 or ia64?
abrotmannot ia64 .. either amd64 or i386
Drunken_Ironyi want to use the 64 bit
markybobDrunken_Irony, then amd64, as ia64 wont work
abrotmanokay .. amd64 .. ia64 isn't for your machine
Drunken_Ironythe amd threw me off
Drunken_Ironyis there also a 150 meg or so iso that i can download for that as well?
markybobDrunken_Irony, yes.  netisnt
Drunken_Ironyi'm on vista right now
markybobDrunken_Irony, dont care
Drunken_Ironyand new to linux
Drunken_Ironythanks m8
Action: Drunken_Irony begins download
Drunken_Ironyi've got debian running on my netbook and am stoked to move over on my desktop as well
xNinjai was connected with no problem through wireless but after i plugged the cable i think the default route has been changed to use the wired network, but i want to use the wireless network as my default route, because wired network has no internet
antgelxNinja: are you using network manager?
xNinjano all through shell
markybobxNinja, so specify it in your route command.  sudo route add default gw wlan0 (for example)
antgelxNinja: and it's set correctly in /etc/network/interfaces?
antgel(as in, no gateway on the wired network)
xNinjaantgel its not debian :P
abrotmanthen why are you asking here?
markybobabrotman, that's like asking a child where babies come from
xNinjai guess its route problem so no matter what os ?
markybobidiots are...well...idiots
markybobxNinja, go away
xNinjamarkybob try to talk nicely...
abrotmanxNinja: go to the correct channel for your Linux distro, this isn't it
braunkrautxNinja: it is a route problem, but with debian init scripts there are ways to adjust the metric using the post-up interface scripts that probably aren't available in antgel
braunkrautman route
themillantgel: you've become a linux distro too now, it seems. Hope you enjoy that.
xNinjai solve it thanks anyway!
ootputregarding that routing issue, how would he have addressed that via interfaces?
simonrvnootput: as sir
cobra-the-jokerhey guys KDE 3.5 can i add a keyboard layout ?
ootputsimonrvn: lame!
UserReg_CLhi, helpme please... need install debian 5.03 only text mode
markybobUserReg_CL, you havent asked a question
abrotmanUserReg_CL: what do you want to do?
UserReg_CLmarkybob : need install debian 5.03 for use server web
qwdUserReg_CL: read the docs on then
UserReg_CLabrotman: need install debian 5.03 for maximum performance, know one guide ?
gkahla'build-essential' is pretty minimal. opinions about any other GUI dev tools?
abrotmanUserReg_CL: that doesnt' even make sense
dpkgHispanohablantes: Por favor /join #debian-es, alli obtendran mas ayuda.  Spanish Speakers: Please /join #debian-es, there you will get much more help.
tuvacpid is causing high cpu usage after a few hours every time it's restarted. once it's restarted cpu usage goes back to normal for a few hours then it spikes again until the next acpid restart. has anyone seen this behaviour recently? any known fixes?
ybitwhat's the package count of debian atm?
ybitgot it
asarchI am getting this when I plug my external HDD:
babilenasarch: google that error messages, there are a couple of hits ..
asarchIs it this? "scsi 4:0:0:0: Device offlined - not ready after error recovery"
babilenno, "usb 1-1: device descriptor read/64, error -71"
tacosbellosNeeding help loading pictures on my ATIVA digital photo frame, anybody own one in here?
asarchThank you babilen
babilenasarch: am working, that's why ;-) found a solution?
Gm4nI just updated my system, and mdadm doesn't show my raid device anymore. How do I recreate it? I know what volumes were in it, but I don't want to lose my data...
Gm4nis there a way to scan and automatically recreate the raid?
CodeWeavermost raid controllers, even cheap ones are able to recreate the raid under the raid setup after POST
qwdIf I copy something in a terminal with screens copy mode (Ctrl-a H Space Pagedown Space) how can I paste this in a Gnome app? When I do Ctrl-v I paste an url I copied earlier.
Gm4nit's a software raid, not a harware raid
elikcan't I use slocate to find files larger than a certain size?
Gm4nso anyway, mdadm.conf still defines my device md0, but /proc/mdstat doesn't show anything (nor does mdadm -D /dev/md0)
CodeWeaveryou could always pop them in a FreeNAS and rebuild the software RAID
Gm4nwell, the raid didn't fail, I just did a kernel update and it wasn't automatically created on reboot
Gm4nno drive went bad
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