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crlive been google and searched in debian/ubuntu forums to solve my issue with pidgin.. I already have 'gstreamer0.10-plugins-good gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-dev' but when trying to compile pidgin (latest) it still say "Install the necessary gstreamer and farsight packages first.".. wwhere is the problem?
ferroread it
ferroif it stil fails, use the
ferroyeah, i've looked over that
denkenferro: have you used any of these tools like shmus, tentakel, rgang, pydsh, etc. ?
ferrodenken: na, ssh -c over all IPs in a list as they share users
Robispell check
Robikook for me
CompWizrdbeen there, done that!
Robiyo CompWizrd!
APz - mouse traps; the often overlooked option to protect your servers against rootkit planting ninjas.
CompWizrdwhat about through the ceiling?
CompWizrdor the raised floor?
APzall over the place.
APzyou can forget your firewalls, mousetraps are the real solution.
CompWizrdwhat about ninja's dropping on cat6 frmo the ceiling?!
APzthere's mousetraps in ventilation ducts.
APzmousetraps are a fool proof way of securing your datacenter.
CompWizrdwhat if i have trained cockroaches?
APzhmm, I wonder if the mouse traps could be miniatyrized so they'd also work on cockroaches...
CompWizrdmount roach traps on the cheese parts
CompWizrdroach trips it, mousetrap fires and fires the roach trap across the room, and hopefully hits the mice
saverahi there
saveradamn its cold
saveracold is bad for the bones
saverapretty grim whats happening in greece
saverawonder if they will drop the euro
Naptameh, stupid L2TP overwrites my DNS suffix search order
Naptawhats happening?
Action: Napta is not down with the news
saveraNapta bankruptcy
Tohshis there a trick to getting my /etc/rc.local to actually execute on startup? Mine doesn't seem to be doing it. debian 5 btw
NaptaTohsh: Have you read the debian faq? they recommend you use update-rc.d(1) to add startup scripts
Naptarc.local is dead
NaptaGet out of that nasty habbit and comply with LSB
Tohshkk thanks
Naptasavera: ?!
APznapta, have you already set the mouse traps?!
Naptacock, locked and ready to rock, APz
APzit's ~ -14C around here
APzgood time to defrost the freezer
APzjust put all the stuff in a box and haul it outside
NaptaAPz: We utilize cloud computing. Mice can't fly
NaptaAs far as I know
APzyes, but it's the ninjas I'm worried about!
Naptaeh, I think our cloud altitude is around 20,000ft where ninjas cannot go!
Tohshrcx.d is very confusing to me.
Tohshis it bad for me to use rc.local?
NaptaTohsh: It really depends what you're doing. Usually yes
Tohshim trying to start rtorrent on startup
APzput it in your crontab
Tohshi wouldnt know what that means.
NaptaIs there a startup script for rtorrent ?
APzusually no
Tohshall i could find was "     su - user -c "/usr/bin/screen -dmS rtorrent /usr/local/bin/rtorrent" "
APzI guess most just screen it and leave it there
Naptawell, APz will write one
NaptaAPz: werd
Tohshid rather not screen it
Tohshbut couldnt find anything else
Naptadoes it use XML-RPC?
Naptaso you don't need to interact with the binary directly?
NaptaSounds like a reasonable case to stick it in a startup script
APzif it's supposed to be run as some user and not root, i'd put it in crontab
Naptayeah, I wouldn't put the startup script in your username, Tohsh
Naptayour script will have to su(1)/sudo(1)
APzI personally run rtorrent in a screen in my nat box
Tohshright now i have it su'ing..
APzand use it via ssh
Tohshim using wtorrent with it
Tohshso i dont need it screened
Tohsh*rutorrent actually
NaptaYou could supervise it!
NaptaIf you want to be really elite, you can stick it in inittab to spawn once
APzit's curses-based, I think you can't just fire it up in the background
NaptaAIX style
Naptaits curses based?!
Naptais there a -D flag?
Naptato daemonize
APznot that I know of
NaptaTohsh: Then you need to listen to APz
APzevery guide about it tells you to d-tach or screen the process
Naptathats why it's screened in the examples
Naptaas it needs a pty
Tohshim guessing i still dont want it in rc.local though
Tohshwith su permission
APzno, start with from crontab's @reboot-job
Napta^ I like that
Tohshk gotta figre out how to do that
Naptapaste it, APz !
Naptawhat the heck did I just do. I went to apparently
Naptaand it exists
APz@reboot /usr/bin/screen -dmS rtorrent rtorrent
APzI think that might do it
Tohshive never used crontab before.
APzthe last one is the executable name; you might have to put full path there
NaptaTohsh: Do you use the vi editor?
APzmine's installed at /usr/local/bin/rtorrent, but I'm not using linux
Naptacrontab -e
Naptaand paste apz' line
APzto be sure, use the executable's full path as the last parameter
APzuse "which rtorrent" to figure out where it is
NaptaI personally just modify /etc/crontab so I don't have to check every user's crontab spool for backups
APzand then use something like:
APz@reboot /usr/bin/screen -dmS rtorrent /usr/bin/rtorrent
APzor where ever it was in debian
Tohshlocal bin
APzwhy it's there?
Tohsh> /usr/local/bin/rtorrent
NaptaWibla: Backing up my NAS content to a cloud online storage service hah
APzdidn't you install it from the debian's packages?
Tohshcompiled it
Tohshwhy did i compile it?
Tohshto gain more knowledge i guess
Naptahabbit? newer version?
Naptafair enough
Naptajust thought I'd ask
Tohshit was a newer version too
Tohshfrom their svn
APzI installed my version from freebsd's ports
APzadded couple of patches aswell
APzreally liked the one that adds color to the UI
NaptaWe have this generic best practice in the #debian/sysadmin world to use distro supported packages whereever possible, Tohsh
NaptaYou inherit automatic security updates and bugfixes, etc
APz^ Yes, listen to him. he's old and wise
NaptaWhere as compiling software you're on your own with keeping it up to date
Naptawell, wise
APz(*disclaimer: napta might not be as old or as wise as indicated)
Napta4 days to upload 30GB, bleh
Naptabring on my 200Mbit
Tohshdidnt seem to work
Tohshis there a log?
NaptaIm sure the last time I checked only BSD supported @reboot voodo
Naptabut im probably wrong
phyberif you mean @reboot in crontab, debian can do it.
APzvixie cron can do it
phyberif something else, then you want crontab. crontab will solve it.
phyberwebserver?  crontab.  sshd? crontab.
APzand debian uses that, last I checked
Tohshwonder why it didnt work then
APzcondoms? crontab
NaptaThis was a while ago
Tohshdo i need quotes?
APzanal rape - crontab.
NaptaTohsh: is cron running?
Naptapgrep -lf cron
Tohsh2136 /usr/sbin/cron
Naptapgrep -lf screen
APznapta, see "man 5 crontab", it has a list of all the special 'dates' for cron
NaptaAPz: yep, I just don't have a linux box to hand :)
Naptacba to man 5 crontab in google
Tohshwhat log am i looking for in here
NaptaSo I get to work at like, 8am/8:30 - my co workers turn up at hmm 10:30 ?
Naptaoffice is still empty according to the webcam
NaptaTohsh: You want the syslog file
Naptaas if im gonna click that
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