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SpiLoTi cant see you anyymore!
SpiLoTshit im alone again.
SpiLoTanyone thurr?
edd91how funny do you think you are /10
SpiLoTyes you saw what i did there?
SpiLoTmade you lol, didn't it?
edd91textarea#styled {
edd91width: 80%;
edd91i have that
oksushiyoure always better just to ask the question, not ask if anyone is active, or if there are any experts available. If someone can help, they will.
edd91i see
oksushiand dont paste text here
SpiLoTuse pastebin instead
edd91nm if ixed it im a retard
edd91i have a textarea
edd91and on Safari on the iphone it doesnt have a scroll bar
edd91what am i meant to do
oksushi]secret @ edd91
_ZofBot4edd91, secret: No URL = no help. We are not telepaths, and can't determine the problem (let alone the solution) without playing with the troublesome page. So, give URL, or leave the channel and call 1-900-PSYCHIC. Oh, and good luck. You'll need it.
edd91how the hell is that relevant
edd91i have a normal textarea, and iphone has no scroll bar
edd91is there a trick to giving the iphone a scrollbar
ServerSageslideToggle is working in non IE browsers for me, but in IE it does a slide down followed by a slide up, or so it appears.  Any ideas?
enerelhi all
enerelanyone there?
enerelthe top input autocomplete is messing with the slider content. see here
WePanicForYouenerel: ask your question and someone may answer
enereltype at least 2 letter ex: mo
WePanicForYouenerel: do you not want the auto-complete to come down over the slider content or?
enerelthe slider is overlaying with the autocopmlete drop down
hmwenerel: btw, in FF I cannot use that feature. If one waits until the image below is changed, the list works all the sudden
hmwenerel: I cannot really help in this case, but it might be some z-index or transparency issue.
enerelslider text can be seen through.. why?
enerelbut why only text's?
WePanicForYouhrm yeah this i sbeyond my skillset enerel
WePanicForYouenerel: wait in here  a bit - azazul and riven are really good at helping
enerelthank you
hmwenerel: neither your HTML nor the CSS is valid
WePanicForYouhmw: nice one to check that, didn't think to do that
hmwrepair it while you wait, perhaps this way your problem dissolves
enerel is it good?
enerelomg this validation thing will never work
hmwenerel: yes. Check out
enerelthat autocomplete is from jQuery UI but validation says UI has error
hmwwow, i mistyped webdvout in my FF's adress bar, and it still took me to the real page! - dont they have a pastebin? all the sudden wants captchas, and it's ugly.
enerel* i will go to toilet now, ill be back after 30min
hmwenerel: tmi - we will not be sad, if you take a while, until you answer. Please don't feel ignored, if we take an hour to respond. - ;-)
WePanicForYouman this is my first mongolian i've met online
hmwsame here :-)
WePanicForYoui'm excited as i'll be building a yurt this year funnily
hmwoh nice... i like yurts
WePanicForYouhmw: yeah mate i've been planning on making one since 2006 but this year i'll finally get it together and test out my first one
enereli ma back
enerelit was faster than i thought
hmwenerel: when I put my IE in "compliance mode", the bug disappears, but the layout breaks
enerelWePanicForYou: yurt? thats kewl, it in your garden? uwant to use it like summer tent?
enerelcompliance mode what is that?
WePanicForYouenerel: i plan to one day live all year in my ger
WePanicForYouenerel i'll take this to query
hmwwait a second... the bug seems gone
hmwenerel: IE8 has a little button besides the address bar (looks like a broken page icon)
enerelno it is not in my FF i still see it is overriding the content
enereloh got it
hmwmy FF can display it now to--- whatever you did, it must have removed the problem
hmwdoes one need to be registered, to enter #css ?
hmw"MasterZuFu" PMed me about
azazulno, just to talk
JDigitalI tried to turn it off but I can't find the button.
enerelhmw i still see it
enerelazazul do you have time to see my stupido bug
azazuldo i really have to ?
enereljust asking if you have time
hmwenerel: try a hard reload (disable your cache) -  FF: Ctrl+Shift+R, IE: CTRL+ClickOnReloadButton
enerelhehe its gone
MasterZuFuok, NOW let's see if this works. can anyone see this?
hmwwelcome, MasterZuFu
MasterZuFualright, sweet action. :P
MasterZuFuhey everyone. I'm having an issue with CSS. This is my first time working with this. I have a <ul>, one part is floated left, but then I have another item that's floated right. How do I get that to work without having to use two different <ul>? and if I have to use two <ul>, how do i get them to use the SAME background image?
enerelazazul: thank you for being kind
hmwenerel: I recommend FireFox AddOns "WebDeveloper" and "FireBug"
enereli have them
enerelanyway hmw tnx a lot
hmwye, enerel
hmwyoure welcome, i mean
hmwMasterZuFu: just assign "float:left" and "float:right" to those LIs - usually not a problem. Perhaps you should provide a URL.
MasterZuFuhang on, let me upload the documents
MasterZuFui'm trying to convert a photoshop mockup to an html/css web page
MasterZuFuit's not so easy when you have no idea what you're doing :P
hmwMasterZuFu: your'e so right, especially with CSS ;-)
MasterZuFuyeah, hang on i'll show you the image i made for it
hmwMasterZuFu: I understood, you made a template in PS and are now trying to implement it...?
enerelit is easy
enerelwill you hire me for that?
MasterZuFufor someone who knows how to do it
MasterZuFui'd rather not hire someone to do a simple task. if it's so simple, i should be able to learn how to do it myself :P
MasterZuFui'm just having difficulties :D
enerelit is simple just it takes some time u know
hmwMasterZuFu: make a test page with only an UL list for checking it out. The order of the elements might behave a bit surprisingly. I would first list all floatleft and then all floatright elements. Use a class to make them floatright. Get FireBug.
hmwenerel: 1 minute
MasterZuFuno idea what that means
enerelif you purchased this design there must be an html css version of it
MasterZuFuwhy would there be?
MasterZuFuit was a tutorial
ZombieLoffeclass="right" is a terrible class name
hmwZombieLoffe: right it is. suggest a better one please
ZombieLoffeNot to mention there's a <br> in there.. eew!
hmwi dont like that either. hmm... i want it a bit more semantic
MasterZuFuhmmmmmmm interesting
hmwoh. i usually use <div class="clear"></div>, which is still ugly, but works coross browser
wathekhello all
wathekis it possible to add a shadow to a div using only css ?
wathekI'd like to add a shadow to this
ZombieLoffehmw: That's also unnecessary --
hmwwathek: i once added a pseudo shadow, not very much like the photoshop ones with border. If you do it right, it might perhaps even look "ok" enough
wathekhmw, hein !
hmw:after does not work in IE6
ZombieLoffewathek: Newer browsers support box-shadow (with vendor proprietary properties)
hmwbut thats a cool link, thank you
ZombieLoffehmw: Read the article..
hmwi will
wathekZombieLoffe, what do you mean by with vendor proprietary properties?
ZombieLoffewathek: -moz-box-shadow, -webkit-box-shadow etc..
wathekI see
wathekok gonna take a look at that
wathekthank you
ZombieLoffewathek: For crap browsers like IE you're pretty much stuck with either background images, additional elements or borders
hmwZombieLoffe: i cannot remember, if i made that template before i found out about the hidden HasLayout attribute
wathekZombieLoffe, yes
hmwi only know, that it is painful to implement
MasterZuFuwhat's the css end for that <li class="right"><a href="#">Subscribe Via RSS</a></li> ?
wathekZombieLoffe, really I like it :D
wathekZombieLoffe, using firefox
ZombieLoffewathek, lookin' good :).
MasterZuFuum...for the css...what do i put?
MasterZuFuO.o anyone?
ZombieLoffeMasterZuFu, what do you want to accomplish?
MasterZuFui have one link in the <ul> that needs to be floated right while the rest are floated left
ZombieLoffeMasterZuFu: hmw's example showed exactly that...
MasterZuFuright but it didn't show anything about css, it was all just html, which doesn't define anything and i don't know enough about css to know how to do that
ZombieLoffeMasterZuFu: There's a bunch of CSS inside <style> :P
MasterZuFui just made the image with the words in them, now I just have to figure out how to make those clickable or whatever. it just seems like too much trouble. trying to get these in exactly the right place with the exact right width etc. etc. etc.
tbuehlmanngreetings! I have a button in a td and it's located at the top of the cell. I'd like it to be in the vertical center, how would I do that?
ZombieLoffevertical-align: middle; on the td...
ZombieLoffeKeep in mind, tables aren't for layout :)
tbuehlmanntrying that, thanks. and it actually is data :)
MasterZuFuok, screw this crap. i'm going to do this project in fireworks, something that i actually know how to use.
hmwtbuehlmann: a button is data? how?
ZombieLoffeMasterZuFu: just be aware any wysiwyg editor produces horrible, inaccessible code
hmwMasterZuFu: yea. don't give up
MasterZuFui'm just aware that i have no idea what i'm doing and it's beginning to become frustrating.
ZombieLoffeSo learn CSS from the ground-up instead of starting with a complicated problem.
tbuehlmannnaw, I have a table with event data, and I want to have a button for registering for an event. and I thought a td would be a good choice. if there is a better one, I'm open :)
MasterZuFui don't have time for that
hmwMasterZuFu: I know that feeling. Take small steps. Create template test files. And most important: Use FireBug!
MasterZuFuhow much would someone charge to turn this photoshop image into an actual page fit and ready to use a database with it?
JDigitalMasterZuFu: you might find someone in #css-lance
ZombieLoffe"ready to use a database with it" is rather vague
MasterZuFui know.
azazulit depends on thats in the PSD
azazulit migh be something from  100euro  to 20'000euro+
ZombieLoffeMasterZuFu, offers PSD to HTML services.
ZombieLoffe]schools @ gucko
_ZofBot4gucko, Explore the intricacies of HTML and CSS here: , , , , ,
azazulZombieLoffe: "ready to use with db" suggest that he wants serverside code too
guckoZombieLoffe: for all those links, which one do you recommend to start with?
ZombieLoffeor opera's wsc
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