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rivenSteveC: then just add up the widths and specify that as the width of the wrapper (if no wrapper, insert one)
CantaberryShould I be floating things within the container?]
rivenCantaberry: was my remark not obvious enough, regarding that topic?
CantaberryI didn't see it.
rivenCantaberry: oh, crap. Addressed the wrong person earlier. Sorry :)
CantaberryWhat was your comment?
CantaberryAbout the floats?
rivenCantaberry: #bottom { clear: both } ... clear the floats. (no idea wtf you are using floats actually...)
CantaberryI saw that...
CantaberryI just took all of the floats out and it blew the snot out of it.
CantaberryI guess I don't need clears if their not floated, right?
SteveCriven: umm, what other tags are needed?  So a page div has a tag specifying width: 150px; then three divs contained in it that specify width: 50px each?  They stack automatically?
rivenConsidering clear clears floats... no :)
rivenSteveC: horizontally? I figured you had that part done, from your comments so far...
rivenSteveC: float, usually.
CantaberryThis behavior isn't making much sense.
cschneidI have a mockup with a solid color box, then a slight outer glow (shadow) on it. What's the simplest way to setup the html / css / image for that? (can somebody point me at an article)
azazul`Cantaberry, imo you aint making much sense
azazul`if you have floated elements in the page , you will usually need to _clear_ them
azazul`if there are no floats in page , there wont be any floats too
Cantaberryazazul`: Okay.  I took all of the floats out except on the content area...  But why does #bottom overlap #footer?
CantaberryShouldn't they push each other out of the way?
CantaberryAnd if I take the float left off of the content, it screws the background all up.
CantaberryI'm perplexed.
CantaberryIt shouldn't be this hard, it's a simple layout.
rivenCantaberry: it is simple, you just don't understand how floats work
CantaberryApparently not.
CantaberrySuggestions of where to look?
rivenCantaberry: #content has floats inside of it -- they need to be contained or cleared. Setting float: left; on the container (#content) happens to do that -- but introduces further issues, dfue to now needting to clear *that* float
rivens/dfue/due/ and s/needting/needing/ >.>
CantaberryDoes the fact the the content div doesn't have a height affect the placement or the background image?
rivenOh right, just change the subject. Do you even want to understand this?
CantaberryYea... I do.  Sorry.
sebastoramaI do design, by messing up with my xhtml/css structure.. Don't know how to use selector properly, and so on... Great book/manual to learn all about this and start coding better?
sebastoramaEric Meyer's book?
MauL^how can I put space between rows of a table ?
MauL^TR does not have a margin property
CantaberryDo floats always have to be cleared?
rivenCantaberry: floats are *taken out of normal flow*, which can cause all kinds of "effects". Sometimes desired, sometimes not. In your case, definitely not.
azazul`Cantaberry, well .. the #bottom overlaps the #footer , because you havnt made any sacrefices to the god of really stupid people
azazul`or it could b because some code in your page
azazul`which i cant see
azazul`because there i no url to look at
azazul`if i would pull an idea out of my ass , then i woul guess that its caused by abuse of position absolute/relative
rivenCantaberry: now, in your case, get rid of the float on #content and use a different method of float containment instead. Oh, and feel free to ignore azazul`, he just hasn't taken his medication (as usual :)
dgxI give up! Tell me how to render .png files correctly, I've used two different fixes, didn't work online..
rivenCantaberry: see here:
riven]ie pngfix @ dgx
_ZofBot4dgx, , , , ,
dgxgood, let's see what hapends
kanzie_Is there any way to study the css in safari or chrome. I have aligned everything perfect in FF and in Safari and Chrome my buttons is pushed away far to the right and I need to know wh
zamabeF12 i believe
Cantaberryriven: different method of float containment?
Cantaberryazazul`: take your meds.
rivenCantaberry: I linked you, no?
oksushiriven: site looks great :)
rivenoksushi: thanks :)
GaiusOctaviushow can I define that's allways a break before a textfield?
GaiusOctavius(but not after like display:block; would do this)
vastakif I have two floated divs inside another div without height, what is the normal behaviour?
oksushivastak: yes
oksushioh sorry, your question is 'waht is the normal behaviour' - the answer is the parent div collapses'
vastakoksushi, just great man
vastakthank you
Raydiationif i got a div which is 30px high, how can i center a <ul> with <li> elements in the vertical middle?
vastakRaydiation, use a table
Raydiationvastak: i thought a navigation should use <ul> and <li>?
vastakRaydiation, yeah, but use a tr to center it
cablopsee ya,  people
--- Sat Jan 30 2010
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