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GhoTried float:left;
GhoCan I show the the style.css please?
Gho*show you the
DanInMassyou start posting code in teh channel an no one will help you
DanInMasspost your example there and link the page and perhaps someone will be able to assist
GhoI was going to use Pastebin, but ok
Vooloocan someone help me align these span boxes with the text, I have tried numerous ways but can't figure it out.
Vooloomaybe there is a better way
DanInMassthe guys here prefer the webdev one most of the time
_ZofBot4(webdevou...v&raw) HTML: Valid ( ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: HTML 4.01 Strict + url (MIME: text/css;charset=UTF-8 )
GhoOh great, I took someone else's code to make them horizontal, and now they've jumped out of the div
slutherhi guys.... here's my code
slutheri want all of the arrows to be centered on the bar.
sluther(instead of offset to the right)
AdamWestonhi all
AdamWestonI'm ashamed to say I've never tried to make my text resizable to the user, so I need to know the best approach to that.
azazulAdamWeston: use EMs
templaedhelOh, like that
templaedhelI was thinking buttons to change font size
AdamWestonI know that using a unit other than pt or px, but how do you set the base size?
AdamWestonI'd like to have people see 11px unless they choose to make it bigger or smaller... does that make sense, or when you make it resizeable do you give up all hope of even suggesting a size?
templaedhelWhy would I get non anitaliased @font-face text on windows chrome?
naftahello, to isnert two stylesheets to an I just add to <link> lines and that's it?
naftado I just add two <link> lines, and that's it? **
AdamWestonif anyone here is in #web, I would appreciate someone asking an op why I am banned from the channel? I think it must be an error
\mSgall /gateway/web users are banned from #web...I guess they want you to use a real client to connect
AdamWestonoh =/
AdamWestondifficult, many workplaces have firewall that block IRC ports
AdamWestonalso: jeez not friendly. there is no message or anything to that effect, and the gateway is provided by freenode itself. makes no sense
AdamWestonive been thinking for weeks i was personally banned for some inadvertant mistake on my part
azazulAdamWeston: it doesnt matter HOW you change the font size
azazulbut for fonts to scale in IE you will need EMs
\mSgthere's no way to create a message when banning an address
azazuland then you can change the base font size ( imo  , better in  html{}  ) and it will change  in all the elements
\mSgand they probably had to ban it due to abuse
coldhostcan someone take a look at my site at the comments area and tell me why the width its not working?
AdamWestonunderstood azazul. but in ems, the font size is relative to... what exactly?
azazulAdamWeston: it is relative to browsers default font size
AdamWestonthats wwhat i thought
azazulusually 16px , but it can be change for people with vision impairments
azazuland when you scale the font size in browser it will essentaly change that default value
AdamWestonok i guess what i need to do is search for some info on default font sizes and then ue filters to address any that arent 16px
azazulwhy ?
azazuldifferent default font size is NOT set by accident
AdamWestonbecause i want to try and show a specific size for those users who havent chosen soemthing bigger or smaller
azazulits because people want bigger/smaller text by default
AdamWestonno you misunderstand
AdamWestoni want to overcome differences in the browser defaults, not the user's choice
azazulim not aware of a browser which had a different default font size
AdamWestonah ok
azazulif it IS different , then it has been users choice
AdamWestonthats really what i needed to know i guess. so i can calculate based on 16px
acr0nymYou should be able to put the default size in body {} and then use ems from there on :)
AdamWestonagain, when i say default, i mean the size the browser would show if the user has not chosen something different either from the gui or with their own stylesheet
AdamWestonok i'll figure it out since i cant seem to express my goal very well lol
coldhosta little help here please..
acr0nymAdamWeston, if you have time you should check out this article  it explains a lot about css font-sizes
azazul]ask @ coldhost
_ZofBot4coldhost, Ask forth your question to the all-knowing channel and we shall bestow upon you the answer of correctitude. Just ask and wait, if someone can help they will.
azazulor you cant find the keys on the keyboard ?
coldhostcan someone take a look at my site at the comments area and tell me why the width its not working?
coldhostyes i can find them very well
_ZofBot4(coldhost...nts/3) HTML: 327 Errors (see: ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: XHTML 1.0 Strict + url + 1 XML prolog (MIME: text/html; charset=utf-8 )
Action: azazul facepalms
AdamWestonthanks acr0nym and azazul
azazulstart by removing the <?xml
coldhosti know i have lots of error. i am stuck on that comments thing for some hour. first comment takes the width of 300 next they dont..
azazulits caused by  #d a{}
AdamWestonare you awre your site identifies you as a "cold ho"?
coldhostAdamWeston: what do u mean?
coldhost#d a {i have just a background picture here}
AdamWestoncoldhost: I'm joking, but on my browser, your errors result in a dark object covering part of your logo
coldhostyes yes..i know
AdamWestonand alos, you are one cold ho.
AdamWestonyour words;)
azazulcoldhost: there is this magical feature in firefox
azazulget it
azazulits called : firebug
Dravekxgot it
Dravekxcryptide, oh.. reason I havent been here in a while is that I'm changing professions.. took a bigger position offer in IT.
AdamWestonwow i was making this harder than it is. all browsers really use 16px as the base font size?!
coldhostazazul: i have it..
azazul<coldhost>#d a {i have just a background picture here}
azazuldoesnt look like you are able to ues it
DravekxAdamWeston, mostly.
AdamWestonDrave: please do point out any pitfalls
azazulAdamWeston: yes
coldhostazazul: point your firebug on the comment text and u will see i declared everything on width 300px and still
AdamWestonobviously things like mobile browsers will differ
Action: azazul facepalms
DravekxAdamWeston, in your case for an amateur then, yes. (professionally, not always)
AdamWestoni am actually a professional! I hate to admit that while i was an early adopter of most best practices, I've continued using px
AdamWestonsomehow I ran into early difficulty with relative units
AdamWestonand ran away
Dravekxoh, no offense, just constructive criticism :)
AdamWestoncome on man, i've been using CSS since 1999, I was talking about separation of style from content to coldfusion programmers who thought i was insane
azazulthen it looks like nothign has changed in past 10 years
azazullogic - content - design - behavior   separation is still a rare thing to behold
azazulcoldhost: if you are talking about overflowing text then its actually something you should be fixing on serverside , by adding  &sh;y (soft hyphens ) in long words
AdamWestonor let it overlap if you prefer
Dravekxtoo bad, there's no sex in the champaigne room
AdamWestonif you make the right column float right and the left float left then overflowing text will just stick out without breaking the layout
AdamWestonazazul:people seem smarter about that stuff today from my experience
DravekxAnyone for burgers, steaks, and hot dogs? Im on the grill... let me know, I'll send you one as soon as I get pictures.
AdamWestonbut we do have a lot of issues with sites requiring javascript to work at all
AdamWestonthats a newer problem in the same category
coldhostAdamWeston: i am trying what u are saying..
AdamWestoncoldhost, does your layout work without that long text?
azazulit doesnt
azazulthe menu is breaking it
AdamWestonyeah they're alrready floated properly
azazulbecause he has   height: 100% + padding  on the link
AdamWestonyou can set the #d height to 38 or more nad that will fix it
AdamWestonthat might not be the best way though
azazulmaybe im missing something , but 100% + padding is ALWAY higher then container , AdamWeston
azazulok , not always , but in thiscase
coldhostAdamWeston: overflow: hidden; did the trick!!
coldhostAdamWeston: thanks a lot man!!
coldhostazazul: same for you
coldhostyou are my heroes
azazul<coldhost>AdamWeston: overflow: hidden; did the trick!!    
azazullike curing broken finger  by hacking of the arm
AdamWestonyeah that wasnt my suggestion
AdamWestonglad you like it though lol
AdamWestonazazul: I didn't see any 100% padding
coldhostwhew...:) i defenetly need to study more css
AdamWestonbut the UL had a hight slightly more than it's wrapper div, and being flaoted, it was sticking out the bottom
azazulon #d li a{}
AdamWestonoh right
enerelwhy class print is printing only 1st page?
azazulenerel: 42
AdamWestonas long as the wrapper for the menu were higher it would work, but it would be better to flaot it so it can grow to hold the ul
azazulyes , thats the answer
enerelwhat do you mean
enerelokushi hi nigga
enerelanyone please see this
enerelwhy only 1st page is printing
_ZofBot4(webdevou...x&raw) HTML: 1 Errors (see: ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: HTML 4.01 Strict + url (MIME: text/html;charset=UTF-8 )
enerelok sorry see now
azazulstill makes no sense
enerelwhat do you mean
enerelyour posts are also no sense
enerelanyone else please help
oksushienerel: validate your markup, do not use presentational attributes
enerelit is validated now
enerelguys it is so simple why dont understand
SpiLoT[04:00] <enerel> okushi hi nigga
SpiLoTi lol'd.
SpiLoTnow i feel better sharing it.
oksushiI was trying to ignore it
enerelsee now
enerelthe style sheet is in CSS tab
azazulespecially i like this part :  body {visibility:hidden;background:#ffffff;}
azazul]schools @ enerel
_ZofBot4enerel, Explore the intricacies of HTML and CSS here: , , , , ,
enerelif there are other thing than print class it will hide itt and it does
enereli know css i am expert
enereli just dont know why it only prints 1st page
azazul.. i think im gonna cry
enerelthats it
oksushienerel: you are not an expert
enerelwhats wrong with that body hidden
enereland you cant answer
SpiLoTif no one wants to do it, i'll do.
SpiLoTenerel: you aren't an expert, actually, no one said it.
SpiLoTyou suck.
SpiLoTbeside, you know absolute nothing on CSS
SpiLoTadn you are placing stupid random values
SpiLoTplease, rather than wasting your and our time, go take some lessons
SpiLoTcauswe that shit is an easy shit
enerelf u
SpiLoTyou too honey
enerelflower ass faggots
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