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YeahYeahi wanna put a box next to it with some text
YeahYeahthats the div class= im using for boxes
YeahYeahbut i want it next to the table
HappyPelicandon't use pastebin
HappyPelicansetup a test case or provide a live link
HappyPelicannoor_egy: give the div display: inline-block; and add a margin
noor_egy HappyPelican : if i gived it padding is it ok ??
HappyPelicanwell then it wouldn't be a margin, but if that's how you want it,sure
noor_egyim new to css
noor_egyhad little exprince with it
noor_egyso if there is any good tutrial
HappyPelican]schools @ noor_egy
_ZofBot4noor_egy, Explore the intricacies of HTML and CSS here: , , , , ,
noor_egythank you , thank you
OrkhayiqCan anyone help me with some divs that are floated to the left.. I'm trying to center all 4 for them inside one div.
IszakHappyPelican's favourite school, one of which he recommends is w3schools.
Action: HappyPelican kicks Iszak in the ear
Iszakmy eye.
IszakYour aim is terrible.
HappyPelicanOrkhayiq, place them in a wrapper and apply margin: 0 auto; to it
OrkhayiqI've got a footer at the bottom of this page: -- I would like the divs inside it all centered? Can anyone help? Thanks.
OrkhayiqOops, missed your message, okay I'll try
HappyPelicanOrkhayiq, don't pm
YeahYeahHappyPelican are you there
OrkhayiqOkay, sorry, how come?
YeahYeahhow do i get the link
menthi, table column widths when specified in percents are relative to table's width (<table width=...>) or to content width (table's width minus padding minus border)?
YeahYeahsee that 'test' box at the bottom
YeahYeahi want it next to the table
oksushiYeahYeah: that is not a valid html document
YeahYeahwhat do you mean
oksushido you know what 'valid' means?
YeahYeahwell it was working for me a minute ago
YeahYeahlooks fine in the output
YeahYeahwhy isnt it valid
oksushi]validators @ YeahYeah
_ZofBot4YeahYeah, validators: Validate at for (X)HTML, for CSS
mk0:D one more n00b
YeahYeahok well guess what
YeahYeahthis isnt the html channel
YeahYeahand thats not what im asking
oksushiYeahYeah: well, I hate to break it to you, but css /styles/ html, and if your html is broken, the css probably would be too. So, fix your html, then worry about your css
OrkhayiqCan anyone help out with aligning my divs inside my footer? I tried margin:0 auto; but didn't work for me. --
oksushiOrkhayiq: you were given the solution
YeahYeahoksushi my thing looks fine dude right now
OrkhayiqI tried it, I couldn't get it to work.
YeahYeahim asking how to put the box next to the table
YeahYeahnothing is broken about it
oksushiYeahYeah: lots is
YeahYeahi think youre missing the point
oksushiOrkhayiq: set the display of the divs to 'inline-block', then put text-align: center; on the parent
oksushiYeahYeah: no, you are.
OrkhayiqOkay, i'll give it a shot, thank you.
oksushithats why the channel /topic says 'validate first'
oksushiit is a 'prerequisite'
YeahYeahok dude my problem is not related to validation
YeahYeahthis is all html being echoed by PHP i can fix that later
YeahYeahi am asking how do i put a box next to a table
OrkhayiqIf i display:inline-block; would I need to get rid of the float on each div too?
oksushiOrkhayiq: yes
YeahYeahoksushi if you dont know the answer thats fine :)
Action: oksushi rolls eyes
YeahYeahwell youve dodged the question completely
oksushino, Ive been trying to get you to understand the importance of validity
oksushiif this is for php yet to be parsed, then parse it, then select the source, then paste it here, including a doctype and other vital information your test case lacked
bartdebruinAnyone familiair with this css ie8 bug ?
OrkhayiqWow, it works, yet the wysiwyg isn't showing it working.. So DreamWeaver really *does* suck for that.
mentYeahYeah: why not putting them into another table?
oksushiOrkhayiq: DW sucks for many more reasons than that :)
OrkhayiqIs there an alternative that you'd recommend?
oksushia good quality text editor
YeahYeahment i dont think thats the function of tables and secondly to keep a consistant appearance accross the whole site
oksushidepends on the OS
OrkhayiqAny that have any sort of reliable wysiwyg? :/
OrkhayiqI'm new to coding so that really helps
oksushiOrkhayiq: if you are new, then learn to do it by hand
ecksitWYSIWYG's are spawns of satan
mentYeahYeah: whoah, wait, haven't you just said that was all you wanted?
bartdebruinNoone an answer on ?
oksushiwysiwyg will make you produce bad markup
ecksitUse ul bartdebruin
OrkhayiqYeah I do, do it by hand, I just like knowing if what i'm doing works
YeahYeahi want text in my box next to the table
oksushibartdebruin: never seen that bug before
bartdebruinbut i want to use ol (symanticly)
OrkhayiqAnyways thanks for the suggestion and the fix!
oksushi]editors win @ Orkhayiq
_ZofBot4Orkhayiq, editors win: (and , both use Scintilla) , , and to a lesser extent
Orkhayiqi'mma look into a good one for windows.
mentYeahYeah: well use tables then
oksushiOrkhayiq: is good also
YeahYeahment no
mentYeahYeah: if 90's taught me something, it was that tables are great for layouts
YeahYeahtables are meant for tables
YeahYeahthis isnt a table
oksushiment: troll elsewhere please
YeahYeahthis channel is retarded is there anyone on here that knows anything
ecksitI am trying to get the background to display 100% to the edge. The background image is big enough, just is not showing it.
ecksitYeahYeah, I have seen you on three channels with the same result. Your just a drop kick
NiLonhaha YeahYeah hello, did you already got banned from elsewhere?
ecksitSource for my question:
ecksitEven better, he got ignored ;)
YeahYeahi think everyone here is stupid because instead of answering my question theres all these tangents
YeahYeahif you dont know the answer, say so
mentYeahYeah: you still haven't specified what exactly you want
YeahYeahment are you kidding
YeahYeahi made it clear
ecksitYeahYeah, I am sorry, we are all too stupid to help you, please find help elsewhere.
YeahYeah<YeahYeah> HappyPelican
YeahYeah<YeahYeah> see that 'test' box at the bottom
YeahYeah<YeahYeah> i want it next to the table
NiLonfloat it there
mentYeahYeah: why not just float a box alongside the table?
ecksit+1 oksushi
YeahYeahsee how it doesnt need w3 validation oksushi
YeahYeahcos youre too retarded to find the quesiton and go off on your tangent
oksushianyone that bothers doing this whole 'internet' thing properly must be retarded
ecksitl33t h4x0r ftw
YeahYeahok its floating right but at the bottom right hand corner below the table
YeahYeahwhat do i put to make ti inline with the table
ecksitMaybe use some positioning statements?
NiLonYeahYeah your container must have enough space for both elements
ecksitInstead of asking a million stupid questions, how about trying to solve it yourself by learning the language?
oksushi]schools @ YeahYeah
_ZofBot4YeahYeah, Explore the intricacies of HTML and CSS here: , , , , ,
oksushiecksit: do you have a live page?
ecksitJust on WAMP at this point
oksushiok, well what is the html?
oksushican you make a test case at
ecksitNope. It is pulling the nav dynamically
ecksitI will paste the two sources though
oksushimmm, anyway I need to go to bed :)
oksushinight all
Action: HappyPelican is glad he went to dinner
pk4rWhat should I use if I want to avoid ONE list-item of taking a line-break by default ?
ecksitWhat do you mean pk4r? Obviously it would be a custom defined class
pk4rYeah, I mean I have unordered list in a website and I want one <li> element to be in the same line as following <li> element
ecksitdisplay: inline maybe?
pk4rThanks, I'll try that
pk4rwhat a heck is that.. Opera doesn't support JSON-P (dynamically appending <script> to <head>) ??
dogmatic69hi all
dogmatic69could someone point me in the direction of getting the inputs ligned up on this page
techzgI have a question regarding compatibility with different screen resolutions: This page looks fine on square monitors but, on wide monitors the text stretches through the width and spoils the view
techzgAny help regarding this issue?
HappyPelicandogmatic69: label { display: inline-block; width: 10em; }
HappyPelicanand for IE compatibility, have a quick read of
dogmatic69shot HappyPelican, works nice
HappyPelicannps, how's the cms going?
techzgquestion regarding tables: If you can refer to the screenshot, how to make sure that the headings in column 2 start (align) along with the numbers in column 1
dogmatic69HappyPelican: well that is it :) set up as a shopping cart
dogmatic69just about done now
nkuttlerhrm, how do i inspect :hover styles with firebug?
ghankstefnkuttler: good question  
ghankstefI'd like to know too
ecksitThe the selector tool
ecksitThen have a look at your CSS panel to the right and it should include it
ghankstefecksit: but that just gives you  a:link  state for example instead of a:hover doesn't it?
ecksitDepends how you code I spose. I put all mine together
GarethAdams|Worknkuttler: the "Style" tab should have a drop down arrow on it: "Style "
nkuttlerGarethAdams|Work: indeed. thanks!
motaka2does anyone has any idea why my page doesnt h scroll while my table's length path the main windows width?
motaka2>does anyone has any idea why my page doesnt h scroll while my table's length path the main windows width?
mheldhey y'all
mheldif I want to get a header + nav to line up, would I have to wrap them in a div then make them float right (in html5)
TheEternalAbysshey can someone explain this to me? cause I'm a bit confused. I thought I nested my divs, but I put multi colored borders to see if they were indeed nesting and it seems they're not Did I just nest them incorrectly or is there something else going on here I'm not aware of?
HappyPelicanare any of them floated?
TheEternalAbyssi think
TheEternalAbysslet me check
TheEternalAbyssonly the image carousel container is
TheEternalAbysshmm...i may not need to float that after all actually....
TheEternalAbyssit's still not
skyI've got a div with a fixed width... paragraph element nested. IE7 does not wrap the paragraph inside the div, but IE8... and everything else does
riven]secret @ sky
_ZofBot4sky, secret: No URL = no help. We are not telepaths, and can't determine the problem (let alone the solution) without playing with the troublesome page. So, give URL, or leave the channel and call 1-900-PSYCHIC. Oh, and good luck. You'll need it.
skyhey riven!
skyanyone else checked out adobe Browserlab yet?
skyI used it to repro this bug :0
skyits kinda different.
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