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zagibustill haven't found out how to have an element float on the right of three left-floating items
rivenzagibu: with `float: right` (omg, amazing!)
M06wcan I have a background-color and a background image at the same time?
zagibuyeah, I already tried that, didn't work because of an inheritence problem it seems...I tried to "override" the float left from the others first
zagibuit works now with it's own class
rivenM06w: yes, of course
theaorok so i figured out how to abosolute position my side bar
theaornow i have another problem, it wont stay with the rest of the page
theaorif you go to
theaorand reisize your window, the sidebar strays away from the rest of hte page
zagibuhmmm, enclosing floating divs in floating divs seems to be a whole new problem, especially, if you have elements with clear: both in there, too
StateI have a block of text of varying length
StateThat I'd like to break in to columns of fixed height
StateRunning to the right
StateThe line-height is fixed
StateAnd I'd like the column width to be fixed
StateI think I have to write some JS to do the work of measuring / breaking up the block after load
StateAny ideas?>
StateThat looks promising
Kake_FiskI need some help with the float property. This is what I have: But I want the 2 divs at the bottom to be under the two at the top and not bellow everything.
phantomcircuitso i've got a <div> with absolutely positioned <divs> inside of it
zagibugreat, now only one table to get rid of:
phantomcircuitbut the parent does not expand
zagibui tried floats, but got issues with the clear: things
zagibui also tried horizontal list (display: inline on the li tags), which didn't work either
Pruneare rollovers specified inside the html document?  Or must they be in a separate css specification file?
theaorI'm trying to essentially create a table around my div's in my css so that they stay in place, reguardless of the browser's window size. how do I go about doing this
theaorPrune: depends on the rollover type
theaorYou can put the rollovers style script in the header.php file
theaordepending on the theme
theaorand then use the html of the rollover links in the actual word press pages
JDigitaltheaor: put a div around it, give it a fixed width "margin: 0 auto;"
JDigitala fixed with and "margin: 0 auto"*
theaorJdigital: so I would basicall write a div at the top of the css page? and then an additional closing at the very bottom
theaorOr write a div above the main container of the css and closing at the end
JDigitalin the HTML
theaorso in the index.php file then?
theaorat the top and bottom
JDigital<div id="wrapper">stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff</div>
JDigitalright basically
theaori'll try it out thanks
monokromeDoes anyone here have any idea why the "border" element here is larger on the bottom than the top?
JDigital]layout @ theaor
_ZofBot4theaor, Examples with proper markup and CSS: , , , ,
monokromeI think it's actually the <a> tag taking up space... weird
theaorCan someoe assist me with creating a div wrapper in my css
theaormy side bar keeps moving according to the browser window's width
Kake_FiskI need some help with the float property. This is what I have: But I want the 2 divs at the bottom to be under the two at the top and not bellow everything.
theaorand i tried creating a wrapper around the entire css but it dint work
thinkfasthey all, im having a problem with the bottom right div of this page -
thinkfastthey are supposed to be floating side by side, but the right one is pushed down
bostuxthinkfast: remove the float on the div, give it a margin left of the width of fp_left
thinkfastremove the float on fp_right ?
thinkfastah i see!
thinkfastbut then all the content in it moves under the div
JDigital]float tutorial
_ZofBot4float tutorial: ,
thinkfastim not sure if this a float issue any longer
maffeluAre there generally any problems making a list static?
maffeluI'm making a list with 'position: absolute' and, well, let's say the results are spectacular
JDigitalposition: absolute; tends to break things
maffeluso it's no good with a list?
JDigitalare you trying to make a horizontal list
maffeluI get a blob
JDigitalfloat the 'li' is better
phantomcircuitim trying to get a selector for the first child of an element that is a <div>
phantomcircuithow would i do that?
incluyeWarning, only works in good browsers
maffeluCan someone help me with what I think is a border problem?
maffeluI have this page,, where, if you press the link that says 'Visa mer' you get to see a necklace close up, but if you select Bild1 or Bild2 you get the picture with a white glitch
nkuttlermaffelu: well, see topic, invalid code, tables for layout etc. build a minimal test case that reproduces the problem
ZombieLoffemaffelu, I just get a white modal window when I click visa mer. No image is showing up.
nkuttleryou need to click on bild1 etc
ZombieLoffeNothing happens when I click bild1 or bild2.
maffeluZombieLoffe, quite so, press the Bild 1 or Bild 2
maffeluit's not done yet, I haven't decided what should be default yet
ZombieLoffemaffelu, yeah, nothing happens.
maffeluwhen you press the Bild 1 or Bild 2 links?
maffeluIt works for me, just tried
ZombieLoffemaffelu: Nothing. Zip. Nada.
ZombieLoffeThe "information" link works fine.
maffeluZombieLoffe, out of curiosity, what necklace did you click?
ZombieLoffemaffelu, I've tried like 10 different ones, nothing.
maffelumight be a bug
maffelurump! Tried to reload?
ZombieLoffemaffelu: Yeah, f5'd a few times too.
ZombieLoffemaffelu: Error console tells me "Console is not defined" on line 88 of products.js
maffeluhold on
maffeluZombieLoffe, try now :P
maffeluHad debuggning running
ZombieLoffemaffelu, you're annoyed at the 1px white gap on the top and left edges?
maffeluZombieLoffe, exactly
ZombieLoffeHow odd, maffelu
alexmglo_I have a custom input field and am noticing that my text is really bold, more so than the text in a textarea.  Can anyone shed some light on that issue?  I have the font-weight set to normal.
ZombieLoffealexmglo_: got a link?
alexmglo_ZombieLoffe: I am working on it locally on MAMP.
ZombieLoffealexmglo_, can't really do much to help then
ZombieLoffemaffelu: It's caused by border: 1px solid transparent; on img {}
ZombieLoffemaffelu: really.
maffeluoh yea, ZombieLoffe , now it's gone :P
maffeluthanks, did not think about that =)
ZombieLoffemaffelu, np. Took me a damn good while to find it, heh.
maffeluhehe, me too :P, I don't like to ask about small things like this, but man it bugged me
maffeluZombieLoffe, another silly question. If I have a layer between the page and the picture (my gray layer) and I have opacity set to say 0.75, the layer on top (my pic/info layer) also gets set to opacity 0.75, is there a way to get around that?
PruneI didn't even realize Komposer would create css, but here it is <style type="text/css">
PruneI didn't even realize I was editing or creating css out of Komposer until I went into the raw code.
ZombieLoffemaffelu: background: rgba(100, 100, 100, 0.5); where the last item is opacity
ZombieLoffemaffelu: However, rgba() is poorly supported (no IE) - if you want IE support, use a png-24 transparent background
ZombieLoffemaffelu: If you want IE < 7 support for the background, apply a PNG-24 pngfix
ZombieLoffemaffelu: Or you could hax it, and place a background element behind the front element using z-index, and apply opacity to that
maffeluwell, that's what I'm doing
ZombieLoffe]css opacity opaque
_ZofBot4 ,
maffeluI have three layers, main page (1), opacity layer (2), info/pic layer (3)
ZombieLoffeFirst link is an example of that, maffelu
martinnHey I'm having a cross browser compatiblity issue. If someone can figure it out, i would paypal them $25.
maffeluHm, I don't get the first link by looking at the code. That bugs me. Is he using an image hack?
ZombieLoffemaffelu: Just firebug it.
PruneCan I insert a font specification into these statements?  :link { color: #FFFF99 }
Prune :visited { color: #FFFF99 }
Prune :active { color: #FFFF99 }
maffeluThat's  what I did, There doesn't seem to be any opacity set, only pics
ZombieLoffePrune: sure. All font-* properties would do fine in there.
Prunethanks Zombie
ZombieLoffemaffelu: #thr has opacity: 0.5;
maffeluoh yea
maffeludidn't see that one :P
maffelureading the other link now
maffelugot it ZombieLoffe
maffelunow = bedtime!
KenBW2can anyone with IE7 explain why the products boxes screw up when expanded?
_ZofBot4(testbed....=Shop) HTML: 6 Errors (see: ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: XHTML 1.0 Strict + url (MIME: text/html text/html; charset=utf-8 )
MarcWeberIs there a css validator which can be run form console and which knows about vendor specific hacks ?
_ZofBot4(testbed....=Shop) HTML: 6 Errors (see: ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: XHTML 1.0 Strict + url (MIME: text/html text/html; charset=utf-8 )
oksushiMarcWeber: a validator will check against the specification, and vendor-specific hacks are not part of the spec
KenBW2the HTML errors are ones that won't affect layout
oksushiso, will not validate
oksushiKenBW2: you should fix them regardless
KenBW2oksushi: agreed, but i want to get this problem sorted first
alecshowdy !
oksushiKenBW2: well, the /topic asks you to validate first, so&
alecshow can i add lower an image, that is set as backround ?
Action: KenBW2 rolls eyes and does token validation
alecs** i mean i would like to add a margin-top just to the image ...
oksushialecs: you mean a background-image ?
oksushi]css background-position @ alecs
_ZofBot4alecs, css background-position:
KenBW2validation passed, problem remains
oksushiKenBW2: are the 'details and buy' links supposed to be staggered?
oksushi(webkit nightly, mac)
KenBW2define staggered?
KenBW2strewn across the page diagonally?
oksushithey are all flush to the right in firefox, however in webkit they look like a staircase
oksushilet me screenshot
KenBW2yea i know what you mean
KenBW2id fixed that in the browsers i have installed
oksushiKenBW2: you can fix it easily
oksushi.saleitemcollapsed {overflow: hidden;}
oksushiin fact, your ie issue might be related
oksushi.saleitemcollapsed {overflow: hidden; display: inline-block;} .saleitemcollapsed  {display: block;}
oksushiput those two declarations in your css, one after the other, to trigger hasLayout and contain the floats
KenBW2IE doesnt sup[port inline-block :S
oksushiyes, it does
oksushijust not like other browsers
oksushianyway, you are only setting the display to inline-block temporarily to give the elemetn hasLayout
--- Mon Jan 18 2010
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