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piyushmishrathe code is there
piyushmishraBicky: what should I do?
Bickyblegh, div, div div... =P
piyushmishralol I suxx at designin
Bickyoh well, you want to dark blue footer to stick to the bottom right?
piyushmishrabtw the codes are opensource this is a non-profit initiative so anyone can help :)
piyushmishra:P but for now plz tell me how to get that right?
Bickywell, yes.. tried some stuff out
Bickyand the div, div, div thingie does give you some extra work
piyushmishrahow do I make the same layout scalable in height and have less of hassle
piyushmishraas I mentioned I am not a designer, I do codes but this is a non-profit project so I dont have much options
Bickythats the code which works
Bickythough you want to chance the background, only did that to see if it worked
Bickyhope it helps, I'm gone for food now
piyushmishraBicky: no I wanted something that doesnt stick to bottom and gets pushed further down when I add lines
Bickyisn't that what you have now ? XD
Lazylegsposition: fixed wont work as the location is related to browser window. Not the content
piyushmishraand I need it to go with the content
zomgbiemargin: auto does work for my #page in order to center it but doesn't for anything nested within that div... is there no such solution am I on the wrong track mayhaps?
Lazylegspiyushmishra, follow these steps and you get the footer correct:
Lazylegspiyushmishra, had to test it myself that it works... and it worked ok in FF atleast... haven't tested other browsers
sim642Is there a selector for selecting every nth element? Like every 2nd.
Lazylegssim642, yes there is
sim642what could it be?
Lazylegssim642, rather than me explaining it, have a look:
sim642I currently have "br + .hex" to select .hex elements after br tag, but now I want to apply a style to every 2nd .hex element that comes after br tag. How can I do that?
GorkyOUThey guys
GorkyOUTanyone with an idea how to set that image gets "grayed" on hover ?
rivensim642: did you take a look at the link you were given by Lazylegs?
GorkyOUTor that images are graed by default and gets its color on hover... ?
selckinoverlay a grey diff and toggle the transparentcy
sim642riven: I found out that I have to use :nth-child(2), but how to apply that to "br +.hex"?
GorkyOUTis this working in ie6-7? or do i have to use some js ?
rivensim642: `br + .hex:nth-child(2n)` (or "even" instead of "2n")
rivensim642: I'm willing to bet that you are using that br incorrectly, though
rivensim642: also note that IE doens't support nth-child
sim642riven: I'm trying to make hexagonal grid and I use br to indicate the end of one line of hexagonal cells.
sim642riven: I absolutely don't care about IE, it has to die anyways :P
rivensim642: have an example up?
sim642riven: not yet
piyushmishracan anyone help me keep my footer at bottom?
Lazylegspiyushmishra, told you a example link earlier.. about 25minutes ago
piyushmishrawhich one?
piyushmishrathe bottom:0 doesnt work
piyushmishracan u repaste? I must have lost that
piyushmishra(19:43:35) Lazylegs: position: fixed wont work as the location is related to browser window. Not the content thats the last one i got from u
piyushmishraI have tried this once just names were different
piyushmishrawas named push and footer
piyushmishrastill let me try that once again and come back in a minute
Lazylegspiyushmishra, don't care about the class names, you can use your own of course. I had issues with it also, but when I paid more attention to the article... got it working
piyushmishraLazylegs: lol it has pushed the page further but doesnt seem to push the footer
Lazylegscan you pastebin the code or something?
Lazylegswhole html and the css
piyushmishralazylegs: I am uploading the code k?
piyushmishraon to my site
piyushmishrafor u to see what I have done u must have firebug right?
piyushmishraedit try n tell me wht to do
piyushmishrathats the site where I did it
piyushmishraI am using firefox 3.6 with ubuntu linux
LazylegsIs that the modified css file in use?
Lazylegswhich should make the footer at the bottom of the page?
Lazylegspiyushmishra, you haven't done all the modifications for the css
Lazylegspiyushmishra, oh sorry had cached old version
Lazylegsyou online piyushmishra?
piyushmishralazylegs: internet suxxin
piyushmishrayup i am
Lazylegspiyushmishra, if you are the same person (hopefully) don't use the values -330px for bottom-margin at container and 330px for footer height... use your own values, the correct height of the footer would be good start
Lazylegshehe, was writing that when you had multiple logins :D
sim642riven: My grid is now aligned, but when I add anything into the cell's div then the cell is pushed downwards and grid is not aligned anymore. What could be the problem?
piyushmishralazylegs: i knw that I can set cutom heights but thats exactly isnt happening here right
piyushmishradid u try with 100?
Lazylegstried with 30px and worked
Lazylegsas an example margin-bottom: -30px for the container and height: 30px for the foot
piyushmishraohk I need to set the height for the inner footer as well I think
piyushmishraI tried that and it worked
piyushmishracool ty :)
byeiticalHi all, I'm trying to get the links at the top of the page on to display next to the <h1> title and above the underline. does anyone know how i can achieve this?
Lazylegsbyeitical, should work if set property float: left to #menu
byeiticalLazylegs: I changed it, have a look now
Lazylegsbyeitical, just looking the site with inspect, how in the hell the <h1> in the header has full width
Lazylegsbyeitical, that's causing an issue atleast
byeiticalany ideas on how to change that? i'm very new at this
ZombieLoffebyeitical: float: left; on h1
ZombieLoffeLazylegs, h1 is a block element, it takes up 100% width by default
LazylegsZombieLoffe, oh, didn't know that. good to know
ZombieLoffebyeitical: You'll want to do some float containment on #header too -- read this article:
krambiorixhi guys, i just can't adjust my row's height
ZombieLoffebyeitical: Oh, and the float: left; on #menu isn't necessary
byeiticalYeah I took that off
byeiticalThanks both of you :)
Lazylegsnp, ZombieLoffe was more help here
Lazylegsbyeitical, set some heights for elements, like header. Cause the content is coming over it
byeiticalI'm just reading the article he linked
ZombieLoffethat's what float containment is for, Lazylegs
ZombieLoffeno need to set a fixed height on it
LazylegsZombieLoffe, dunno why I didn't think of the clear:both :D still use it in other places.. thanks for the link
sim642I have my hexagonal grid here: It looks just fine, but when I put something in those divs then it gets out of alignment. Why that happens?
byeiticalnice grid sim642
sim642byeitical: thanks
byeiticalit's very hexagonal
ZombieLoffeI'll say..
ZombieLoffeThe overlap is causing some major havoc
ZombieLoffewhen you add some content, the part of the surrounding hexagons that's overlapping the text-ified hexagon want to move out of the way
baubbelaypongehey #css quick question. I've seen many sprite based menus apply a display:block on a <a> element and then float it to the left. display:block is useless in this case as float automatically generates a block element, no?
ZombieLoffebaubbelayponge: Yes, display: block; is meaningless if the element is already floated
ZombieLoffebaubbelayponge: Most solutions apply float: left; to the containing <li>, though, not the <a>
baubbelaypongesame result?
ZombieLoffeUm, no, in the second case the display: block; is actually useful.
ZombieLoffean <a> inside a float: left;-ed <li> is still inline.
baubbelaypongeI mean, is one solution better than the other?
ZombieLoffeUh. which are the two options? :P
sim642ZombieLoffe: Is there anything to prevent the overlaping effect?
baubbelaypongeZombieLoffe, well, one solution is to "display:inline" the <li> and then float the <a>. second solution is to, as you say, float the <li> :D
ZombieLoffeHmm, sim642...
ZombieLoffesim642: Put the text inside of it in another element and put position: absolute; on it
ZombieLoffebaubbelayponge: display: inline; on the <li> and float: left; on the <a> makes no sense to do, the second option is better.
baubbelaypongenoted, thanks :)
sim642ZombieLoffe: thanks, it worked
SmartGuy how is this now
ZombieLoffeToo yellow
luchenbillI have a container div that is positioned absolute to another div that is relative... inside that div that is absolute, I put another div inside that... now i'm putting a ul inside that div, and i'm not able to use top: left: positioning... some properties are cascading down to this div, but i'm sure it's a simple fix... any suggestions?
ZombieLoffeI can just barely read the white on yellow in the header... smae with the footer
ZombieLoffeAnd those two colours, the yellow and the green, are pretty ugly in and of themselves :F
Phrogzluchenbill: position:relative on a non-positioned element that you want to use as a positioned space for its descendants.
luchenbillholy crap this is getting confusing, but it worked. thanks!
ZombieLoffeluchenbill, top/left/right etc. will only work on positioned elements -- not their descendants
luchenbillZombieLoffe yeah but it will inherit the position: absolute, or position: relative... right?
ZombieLoffethey don't inheritc.
luchenbillLOL heratic!
ZombieLoffeJust no.
ZombieLoffeMy typing is just total failure today.
luchenbillso what if I have a main div that is relative, and a div inside that, which is absolute... in the absolute positioned div, could I later in the css position that div relative again, with another div inside it absolute to that div?
luchenbillor is there a more simple way to do that...
Phrogzluchenbill: No, you can't do that.
ZombieLoffeUm, "later in the css"? It will just get one position value, sooner or later is not considered when rendering the page
PhrogzYour closest positioned ancestor is your coordinate space.
luchenbillwell for instance, I have right now a div with a background-image, and after that I did a background-color haha
ZombieLoffeBut you can stuff a position: absolute; element inside a position: absolute; element, and it will be relative to its parent, eg. absolute is also relative to absolute
luchenbilloh nice! so really if there is div relative, div absolute, every div inside absolute, will be absolute to that div? hahaha
luchenbillthis is great
ZombieLoffeWell sure, an element can have both background-image and background-color, but they can't have two values for the same property
ZombieLoffeYeah, what you said
luchenbillI think that's to you guys i'm finally getting somewhat of a nice layout going on here!
luchenbillone that is not so childish and gay looking haha
ZombieLoffeheh. good for you.
luchenbillwell it's very exciting for me actually, I have been feeling so fail with making websites
luchenbillhere you'll probably think it's gay... or wrong.. but i'll show you =)
luchenbillI would like some constructive critisism
ZombieLoffeThat dude looks pretty badass.
luchenbilllmfao it's my dad, it's kind of a funny pic
ZombieLoffeWhy do you need the position: absolute; though?
luchenbillZombieLoffe I don't know really exactly what i'm doing... I'm trying though really hard...
ZombieLoffePosition: absolute; is rarely needed to position things. One of the only times using position: absolute; is a good idea is when you need to align something to the bottom of its container...
luchenbillwell in the markup, I have a #mainDiv which holds the background color's the 3 horizontal ones, and inside that I have another #containerDiv that is positioned absolute to the main div
luchenbillso that way I could center the whole white div there
luchenbillon top of the background color's
luchenbillas I said, every single time I do something, it's never the correct way, but yet nobody has helped me to do things right haha
ZombieLoffeYou don't need position: absolute; to center them, though... #main seems entirely unnecessary
_ZofBot4CSS Horizontal Centering:
eighty4]schools @ luchenbill
_ZofBot4luchenbill, Explore the intricacies of HTML and CSS here: , , , , ,
eighty4luchenbill: it's up to you to do it the right way
eighty4luchenbill: we can help, but we wont write the code for you
luchenbilleighty4 how about you stfu, i'm not asking you to write the code..
luchenbilli'm asking you to offer good advice, or none at all thanks
eighty4luchenbill: no, I know. I just linked you some good reading.
luchenbillthanks ZombieLoffe i'll check those links out
luchenbillokay thanks eighty4!
ZombieLoffeI didn't link you anything, JDigital and eighty4 did
JDigitalzofbot did
eighty4luchenbill: and stop telling me to stfu when I'm doing something good...
DanInMassand the day goes on...
SpiLoTShould have asked him $ for doin' the code. >:O
sim642Here: When I make the browser window smaller then the hexagonal cells don't fit horizontally on the screen and the entire HexGrid breaks. What can I do to prevent this?
zamabeey, i'm looking to make a bit of css magic. I know that border-raidus can make corners curve in, but is there something that does it opposite?
baubbelaypongesim642, add a width to the container
rivenzamabe: opposite? that makes no sense
zamaberiven: inverted then
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