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KriLL3I make menus from unordered lists
KriLL3hence why I kill list-style
KriLL3I enable it again ofc for actual lists
SachoSo there is no concept of "get the previous setting"?
boogymanunless your entire page is lists, you shouldn't apply that via the wildcard
TheHappyPelicannot in css2 ... but like i said, if i could visualise what you're trying to do, maybe there's an easier way
KriLL3or I put it on "menu ul * "
TheHappyPelicanSacho: can you set up a test case?
SachoI'm just trying to cut down on boilerplate code :)
KriLL3Sacho: you mean re-iterate the same properties for multiple rules?
Sachosince I can enforce the images to always have a certain url
TheHappyPelicanstill don't know what you're trying to do
TheHappyPelicanor atleast, why
KriLL3I'm with stupid.
dreamboxhello people ! in do you have any hints why breaks on the next line !?
dreamboxor not :)
TheHappyPelican#links li { line-height:25px; } is screwing it up for me ..
dreamboxTheHappyPelican ha.. strange.. the line-height !?:(
TheHappyPelicanthe problem appears to be it NOT breaking onto the new line =/
TheHappyPelicanno i see it
dreamboxTheHappyPelican : I just disabled line height and no changes
TheHappyPelican#links li a { width: 16px; }
TheHappyPelicantoos hort
TheHappyPelicantoo short
TheHappyPelicanfix your width
dreamboxTheHappyPelican disabled that too in FB no changes
TheHappyPelican#links li a { width: 232px; }
TheHappyPelicantry tat
TheHappyPelican(232 was the minimum it could be without breaking in FB for me)
TheHappyPelicanbut increasing font-size will kill it
dreamboxye fixed!
KriLL3no real reason to restrict the width of those
dreamboxKriLL3 : uhm, so no widths ? at all
KriLL3don't see why you'd need em
designerboogyman: none of the methods works in my case; for a more clearer example I have done a quick sample:
dreamboxKriLL3 I thnk i added width to have the block display of the links
KriLL3why display em as blocks?
MunterHas anyone in here done speed comparisons of dynamicly injected stylesheets targetting dom elements versus inline styling the same dom elements?
dreamboxKriLL3 You were right heh its stupid .. deleted both widths there
designerin my sample from above, I do not know when the 1st "row" will be full so that I can place a div with clear:both
SidniciousCould y'all help me with a small IE 6 issue? Here's the page <>. The top navbar, which is arranged with floats (the only way I could get consistent appearance in IE 6, 7 and standards-compliant browsers) is invisible in IE 6. Oddly enough, the bottom one is visible.
KriLL3Sidnicious: got a brick wall handy?
TheHappyPelicanwoah, designer: what kind of data is that "table" holding?
designerTheHappyPelican: one, that has variable height
nemoSidnicious: well, could try toggling haslayout, or maybe adding an overflow on a parent
SidniciousKriLL3: Yeah, and I'm here because I'm going to get blood and hair on it if I keep trying to fix these IE issues myself...
nemoSidnicious: just a guess.  wrap the haslayout toggle in a condcom of course
TheHappyPelicandesigner: i ask because it might be ok to use a table
TheHappyPelicani knew it was variable height, so answer the question
TheHappyPelicanSidnicious: the bottom one isn't visible in ie6 either
designerTheHappyPelican: I use divs, because with divs, I can achieve liquid layout, and that's what I aimed... but my child element's may vary in height, so my liquid row would suffer...
SidniciousTheHappyPelican: Er, OK. That seems to have changed after I tried relatively positioning the navbar.
TheHappyPelicandesigner: what kind of data is it holding?
TheHappyPelicanSidnicious: looks like .nav a {}
TheHappyPelicanand lack of layout
SidniciousIf I remove the testing style, </me removes extra style>, it comes back.
TheHappyPelicannemo was right
SidniciousTheHappyPelican: .nav a {} what?
TheHappyPelicanSidnicious: i dont think your menu haslayout
TheHappyPelicanand you're using inline-block
_ZofBot4(wesleywk...vices) HTML: Valid ( ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: <!DOCTYPE html> (MIME: text/html; charset=utf-8 )
SidniciousI'll try giving it layout... what's the effect of inline-block going to be?
_ZofBot4No idea
_ZofBot4display (IE 6:30.556%) (IE 7:30.556%) (IE 8:94.444%) (FF 1.5:80.556%) (FF 2:80.556%) (FF 3:91.667%) (Opera 8.5:94.444%) (Opera 9:94.444%))
boogyman @ Sidnicious
SidniciousThis is why I can't be a web designer for a living... Thanks, give me a few to read through all this.
TheHappyPelicanwait a second
boogymanSidnicious: desire is really your only hurdle... if you don't want to be a web professional you won't be
TheHappyPelicanSidnicious: your <a> are actually there in ie6, the text is just missing
TheHappyPelicanis it line-height: 1; thats the problem?
Sidniciousboogyman: I do desire to be a web professional, I just don't want to be the guy responsible to making everything look right in IE :)
TheHappyPelicanwhy do so many people insist on setting line-height? :/
TheHappyPelicanhaha, that's a massive part of the job
TheHappyPelicanatleast if you work on frontend stuff
_ZofBot4IE hasLayout: , ,
SidniciousTheHappyPelican: Do you think it's even worth having that in my reset CSS?
TheHappyPelicani don't usually include it
nemoI've started further reducing my support for IE, but having menus you can actually see is still kinda necessary :)
boogymanSidnicious: there will always be browser-specific bugs. IE is just talked about the most because of its market share, and because IE6 and IE7 do still have a significant market share
TheHappyPelicanboogyman: and they're often a bigger pita than other browsers to debug
boogymanWhile IE8 isn't perfect, it is a huge step in the right direction! :)
peperis a dropdown menu sensible doable in pure css?
TheHappyPelicanpeper: Yes
TheHappyPelican]]suckerfish menu @ peper
_ZofBot4peper, [Google] (More results: )
peperTheHappyPelican: thanks
designerdoes CSS support even and odd childs?
boogymandesigner: yes
rivenyes, but not too well supported yet.
designeris it CSS3 ?
designerthat's no good... not well supported yet
_ZofBot4Yeah, right!! Keep on waiting!
TheHappyPelicandesigner: you never answered me before ... what kind of data is it holding?
cryptideriven, that is nifty
designerTheHappyPelican: text
Action: boogyman slaps zbitch!
TheHappyPelicanif it requires that many divs, use a table
designerTheHappyPelican: thanks
viceshow do we do this: #home-middle th .question
TheHappyPelicanis it <th class="question">?
Seldon75im having a few problems with my layout
vicesTheHappyPelican: yep
TheHappyPelicanor <th><div class="question"></div></th> (div or some other element) ?
Seldon75first, how can I stop the 'root' div from overflowing the 'main' div?
TheHappyPelicanthen #home-middle th.question
TheHappyPelicanno space after the th
vicesTheHappyPelican ahh, thanks!
boogymanTheHappyPelican: ew @ div inside th
TheHappyPelicanboogyman: i know, was just checking
Action: TheHappyPelican kicks boogyman where it doesn't validate
boogymanthat almost made sense
Action: TheHappyPelican feels like a supernerd
Seldon75you are
Seldon75so please how can I stop the 'root' div from overflowing the 'main' div?
Seldon75i'm also trying to get the 'list-box' to lne up to the right of the 'root' div
Seldon75i'd really like to use divs instead of tables these days
Seldon75but it's hard to learn ;S
vicesoverflow: hidden
hyperstreamTheHappyPelican, lol
Tomashehey guys i wonder there is a way to make a divs float and stratch to the size of the div... example i got a menu with 5 elements inside it the container size is 800 so i want each of the 5 will be in the size of 800/5 automatic and if i got 6 so it will be 800/6...
TheHappyPelicanuse some god damn punctuation
Action: TheHappyPelican is cranky tonight
boogymanTomashe: use percentage widths
Tomashepercentage widths means?
vicesTheHappyPelican: ahh percentage widths, you sir are a genius
Tomashei dont get it guys
boogymanTomashe: 5 columns = each column being 1/5 or 5/1 (20%) width of the parent
ShwaiilQ: <input> doesnt accept cursor: hand, etc. Even trying with !important; Tested on FF. Is this truth or theres something wrong. How could I solve this ? Thanks a lot!
Tomasheyes but how do i do it on css
boogyman]css width @ Tomashe
_ZofBot4Tomashe, css width:
KriLL3guy in other chan has awesome text formatting, it's all inline and the tags look like this: <p><span><strong><span><span>text</span></span></strong></span></p>
Tomasheit's dynamic website so i want my client to add items as much as he wants without me need to change sizes
KriLL3yes, a span inside a span inside a strong inside a span inside a p
TheHappyPelicanShwaiil: cursor: pointer; ?
KriLL3each with different text properties
Tomashei know what precentage means
TheHappyPelicanTomashe: width: 25%;
KriLL3guess he never realized you could have more than one property per element
ShwaiilTheHappyPelican, Hi! I'll try it!
Tomashelets say i put 25 and my client suddenly add 7 more items
Tomashei need to go and change it again
boogymanTomashe: at some point the number of columns is stored... use that to apply a class to each column
Tomashei want it to be done auto
ShwaiilTheHappyPelican, Thanks! Worded just fine bro' ;D
Tomashebasicly you are telling me to use server or client side lang to produce the % ?
Tomashecuz this is waht i wanted to prevent :) but if it's the only way ....
boogymanTomashe: I know you were exaggerating, but 5 columns is "pushing-it", anything more then that is going to be detrimental to the layout
TheHappyPelicanboogyman: i think he's just trying to evenly space a menu
TheHappyPelicanor something similar
Action: TheHappyPelican makes a massive presumption
Tomashei want to even it so the design will looke good even if the client add more items to the menu
boogymanTomashe: regardless of what you set, you have the potential to have a long list-item, how will you handle that?
SidniciousSorry, afk-land.
Tomasheit doesnt matter atm... i just want to know how to do it ... after that i will deside what to do
Tomashei dont have list of items
boogymanTomashe: start the menu from the upper left, maybe a little bit of indentation, but let the list items speak for themselves
Tomasheits just TOP menu .. it will have betwin 5-8 i guess
vicesTheHappyPelican: ah, I see you are truly wise in all things.
boogymanyour design shouldn't hinge on the list-items being equal, having a "justified" menu will probably detract from the design
viceswhen you help me i don't forget it! EVER! YOU SHALL BE THANKED FOR ETERNITY!!!
TheHappyPelicani don't recall helping you
boogymanyou asked with your eyes Trent, you asked with your eyes
viceseven though your memory is not good you are quite good with computers
ShwaiilQ: On IE, If there's a link text with width bigger then the container (in terms of text), it doesnt "break", while it does on FF; Is there a fix? other then overflow: hiddden ? Thanks a lot for your atention!
boogymanShwaiil: define break
TheHappyPelicanTomashe: i've come across that issue before actually ... i don't know how to overcome it with a list and basic css ... it's not that easy ... i tend to ask clients if they plan to update primary menu items ... if they do i ensure the design can accomodate 3 or 4 top level menu items (ie: its not evenly spaced)
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