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oksushiyou can overlay a png, transparent everywhere, but make the girl 50% opaque magenta
oksushiand really, those jumbled up letter should be a background-image
oksushiyou can then position the actual text over the background
oksushi&and if you are using a background-image for the jumbled letters, you dont need to worry about the girl :) just include her on the background
olarfyeah .. the thing is i would like to make it a bit interactive
olarfwith a counter inside and so on
olarfbut i see your point
olarfmaybe i need to create the "interactive" part as images too ..
Strumeizermy table th, takes 50% of the table height, i want it to take only something like 30px height
Strumeizerheight:30px didnt make anything
Strumeizerbut something like 52 does
Strumeizerwtf ? :)
olarfheight:52px does something and height:30px not?
olarfoder 52%
Strumeizer52px for example make it heigher
Strumeizer12px doesnt do anything, it still take 50% of the table height
oksushi]url @ Strumeizer
_ZofBot4Strumeizer, secret: No URL = no help. We are not telepaths, and can't determine the problem (let alone the solution) without playing with the troublesome page. So, give URL, or leave the channel and call 1-900-PSYCHIC. Oh, and good luck. You'll need it.
Strumeizerthought you was telepaths sorry
karmstI need some coding help please
_ZofBot4Ask forth your question to the all-knowing channel and we shall bestow upon you the answer of correctitude. Just ask and wait, if someone can help they will.
karmstI need to make the symantec threatcon widget fit in a 200 X 200px block
karmsthow do I do that?
oksushithe what?
karmstsymantec threat con widget
oksushispeak slower
karmstI want to add it to our helpdesk
karmstit says total footprint is 1250px X 600px. Modify the style divs to fit the needs of your site
olarfoksushi ... i think i know what will be the best solution
oksushikarmst: &so are you going to provide the url, or are we just supposed to use our telepath helmets?
olarfit works fine if i make the oppacity to 25%
olarfits not that shiny
olarfbut still ok
karmsthow do I make that 200X200?
oksushi]css width @ karmst
_ZofBot4karmst, css width:
karmststill kind of messed up
The_BallHi guys, I'm trying to create a 100% wide horizontal bar four pixels high like this: <div style="background-color:dcd9d9; height: 4px;"></div>. This works great in Firefox and Konqueror, however IE is showing a very fat bar, is there an additional attribute I need to specify to make IE show a 4px bar?
oksushiThe_Ball: have you got a doctype on the page?
The_BallYes: <!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
luchenbillcss does gradient texT?
oksushiThe_Ball: ok - you should be using a strict doctype
oksushi]doctype html @ The_Ball
_ZofBot4The_Ball, doctype html: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "">
The_Balloksushi, changing the doctype could mess with the layout of the whole site could it not?
oksushiunlikely, but it will stop you from using old presentational markup
oksushiif you validate the page, which is also the first thing you should do when debugging for IE
The_BallGreat, thanks for the tips
fearfailim sure doctypes dont actually matter for anything other than the w3c validator. browsers seem to render the shit the same way
Chancelloryou are misinformed
The_BallI changed from <div> to <hr style="height:4px"> instead which renders correctly
oksushiThe_Ball: <hr> can be considered presentational markup. Why not put a 4px border on an existing element?
FrazzledDevAnyone remember where the site is that you can input css and have it explain what it is doing?
oksushi]]selectoracle @ FrazzledDev
_ZofBot4FrazzledDev, [Google] (More results: )
FrazzledDevThanks kindly
jexmexis there a template somewhere to absolute center vertical and horizontal? I just need to do it to a single image
endeavormacquestion. i have <div id="main"><div id="left"></div><div id="right></div></div> and when content spans multiple lines in left or right, it overflows main
endeavormachow can i prevent this?
jexmexdo you have a clear?
oksushiare they floated?
endeavormacoksushi: yes, jexmex: no
oksushido /not/ use a 'clearing div' or anything like that
endeavormaci see, it says if i do that god will kill a kitten. will avoid ;)
jexmexso if that works, why is it standard practice to do clear:both hacks?
oksushiits not 'standard practice'
oksushibut, a bunch of web developers do that, for some reason :S
endeavormacargh now i have to get left and right to min-height: 100%; of course, css and heights
jexmexoksushi, I have always did it cause thats what I was told to do. I dont consider myself my a frontend designer, but I do it a lot
oksushiwell, now you know better :)
jexmexso now I have to learn another css technique, and remember to use it
jexmexso thanks, kinda, lol
endeavormachave anymore links for forcing a div to take it's parent's height?
endeavormacmin-height: 100% not working
oksushi]fullheight @ endeavormac
_ZofBot4endeavormac, fullheight: DECENT: LAME:
oksushi]sameheight @ endeavormac
_ZofBot4endeavormac, Same height columns: | non-IE less than 8-friendly:
oksushiendeavormac: 'faux columns' is usually your best bet
The_Balloksushi, a border is also a good idea, thanks
Lostinspace_46When starting a new web page, if the first thing I do is make a container with a width of 100% and a margin of 0, should not the container fill the browser window?  CSS here   HTML here
ProLoser|Trmnlcan anyone help me figure out why the center layout doesn't work on mac:
ProLoser|TrmnlLostinspace_46: html, body { margin: 0; } get over it
Lostinspace_46ProLoser|Trmnl,  Excuse me?
oksushiLostinspace_46: div does not need a width declaration, it will automatically occupy all available width
oksushi]zip @ Lostinspace_46
_ZofBot4Lostinspace_46, Start every stylesheet with this: * { margin: 0; padding: 0; }. You'll save yourself the confusion over quite a few strange element and browser spacing differences later on.  * ==
oksushiProLoser|Trmnl: remove 'overflow: auto' from #body
ProLoser|Trmnloksushi: ya uh that's never broken it before, why is it starting now?
oksushiyou should probably remove the margins on the #content div and float that left, then you can contain the floats using
ProLoser|Trmnland the sidebar is floated
oksushiTIAS ProLoser|Trmnl
Lostinspace_46_ZofBot4, Thanks, I remember something about that now
_ZofBot4Lostinspace_46: No problema :)
Lostinspace_46oksushi, Umm, what do I do with this?  ]zip @ Lostinspace_46
oksushiLostinspace_46: that is a command for the bot, who gave you a handy tip straight afterwards
oksushi]bot @ Lostinspace_46
_ZofBot4Lostinspace_46, I'm a furry bot! Come play with me!
oksushisee? ^^
Lostinspace_46oksushi,  Aha!!  I shoulda figured.  Thanks.  Ya know, I am gonna be here a lot remember "Patience is a virtue" ; )
_ZofBot4What the fuck is so funny?
IszakI love it.
Lostinspace_46Hmm, HTML wouldn't validate unless I did my line breaks like this  <br></br> so I did. On firefox all is well, but opera is dbl spaced.
wasmaheni have a div
wasmahenthere is margin left: 71px
oksushiLostinspace_46: you should not be using line breaks like that
wasmahenhowever, on higher resolutions, it breaks
will_houghLostinspace_46: <br />
wasmahenis there  a way to block it?
oksushiwasmahen: be specific, and link to the page in question
oksushiwasmahen: &
oksushi]secret @ wasmahen
_ZofBot4wasmahen, secret: No URL = no help. We are not telepaths, and can't determine the problem (let alone the solution) without playing with the troublesome page. So, give URL, or leave the channel and call 1-900-PSYCHIC. Oh, and good luck. You'll need it.
oksushithat means that /whole page/
wasmahenwait, i upload
Lostinspace_46oksushi, Well I thought not.  Oh hell, thanks will I forgot the space...Duh.
wasmahenthere is the url
ohaibbqwasmahen: use margin: 0 auto;
wasmahenon the div?
oksushi]center @ wasmahen
_ZofBot4wasmahen, CSS Horizontal Centering:
wasmahennope still nothing
wasmahenmargin: 0 auto did nto work
ohaibbq]margin 0 auto @ wasmahen
oksushiwasmahen: read ^^
wasmahenit worked
wasmahenused only margin: 0 auto;
wasmahenbut it does not work in IE
wasmahenit breaks again
oksushiwasmahen: where the hell is your doctype?
oksushiyou cant expect to get IE to render properly without one
wasmahenthe previous dev did not put one
wasmahenif i add one, everyrhing breaks
oksushiyou /need/ one
oksushithere is no way around it. Add it, fix the errors
oksushithen worry about the css
wasmahenwhat sould i use? html or XHTML
oksushi]doctype @ wasmahen
_ZofBot4wasmahen, Take a gander at the fine document type definitions available here: (HTML 4.01 Strict is recommended)
oksushiuse html unless you have a specific need to use xhtml
Iszakoksushi, fbml? :P
Iszakdoes that justify using XHTML?
IszakFacebook Mark-up Language
Iszakthat's what I thought too.
wasmahenworks now
wasmahenno need for doctypes
oksushiwasmahen: you fail, hard
_ZofBot4(concorde...index) HTML: 85 Errors (see: ) CSS: Valid ( ) DOCTYPE: 04NO DOCTYPE (MIME: text/html )
wasmahenit works here
wasmaheni mean i loads oj
IszakI want to quote that "no need for doctypes"
wasmahengo ahead
Iszakwasmahen, are you testing in multiple browsers?
Iszakthere you go.
wasmahenjust firefox and ie
Iszakmultiple versions of IE?
wasmahenjust ie 8
IszakI don't need to screen shot, you've got no doctype, you already fail.
wasmaheni cannot do doctypes, it will take too much time to correct all these errors
Iszakand chances are you've got lots of errors in different versions of the browser.
Iszakyou are aware not everyone uses the latest version of their preferred browser, right?
Iszakso.. what about the people using IE6? Let alone IE7? of which you have not tested.
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