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MaNa2khmw: tnx, it works now
princeESany idea guys
princeESbecoz i can just make something changes and defined on div class
princeESi want that everything ll be place inside this div, whether there ll be text or image, it (div) ll fit everything according to div width
DRSKCan someone link "how to: float" ?
krambiorixhmw, ok it's solved in IE7 with the html tag, but not in IE6
DRSKI remember the bot having some article about understand CSS float
HappyPelican]float tutorial @ DRSK
_ZofBot4DRSK, float tutorial: ,
Action: hmw is not always right.
hmwprinceES: a background image can't stick out of a div. Please make a test case on
hmwprinceES: if your CMS forces you to use background, where the image is content, then you are pretty much in trouble. Get a real CMS. *smirks*
Aefrozehmw, please see:
hmwAefroze: please stop addressing me, if you in fact are asking the channel.
Action: Aefroze is sorry to hmw
cyphawhere can I read about the latest trends with webdesign?
hmwi gotta go, btw
cyphaso my site doesn't look like it's from 1990's
DRSKAny better method for making "image buttons" than setting the anchor to be text-indent: -9999px and then a bg image etc?
DRSKcypha: not sure exactly as to where, but is a good developer and he also continuously updates his page with articles on various web dev stuff. Also, his "portfolio" is very nice.
EtotheKhello, i have a problem with table in ie7. look on link. someone have  solution?
ePiratEtotheK: validated?
DRSKcan I refer to id's within id's? e.g. div#id #id2 { } ?
EtotheKyou can see that the td was higher
EtotheKePirat: you can see the code in
ePiratsry its ie and i dont care about this old browser
EtotheKyea tou write but i need that
EtotheKin all browsers in's ok detail oe7
DRSKhow do I contain 2 floats within a div so the div under won't be affected of the floats in the one above.
WePanicForYouparent div overflow:hidden
DRSK<div id="top"><div style="float: left;">1</div><div style="float: right;"></div></div><div id="menu">... <- #menu, in this case, won't position under #top. Having margin: 2em 0; on #menu won't affect top-wise, only bottom due to it having to be like margin: 8em 0 2em 0;
WePanicForYou]css float containment @ DRSK
WePanicForYou]float containment @ DRSK
DRSKWePanicForYou: parent div would be the one holding the floats, or its parent holding the header?
DRSKEasier to show you - <-- want the "menu" to be separate from "#top", but still be in "#header"
WePanicForYouoj: ffs
DRSKWill take a look
WePanicForYouDRSK: Please read this and fully understand, it will help you heaps.
afeijogood morning
afeijomy site show its content in a center div with 1024px, it has the content and the right side. I want the content to occupy all width if the right side dont exist in a page. I try the content with width: 100% but it growth too wider
afeijoany good tutorial about that?
WePanicForYouafeijo: I don't know but try these
afeijoWePanicForYou, thanks I will try
DRSKHow do I vertically align <li>'s within <ul> to be middle?
DRSKso if the ul has a height of 100px, I'd like the list items to be aligned in the middle, somwhere around 50px
afeijoDRSK, did you try text-align: center
DRSKvertical-align: middle; perhaps >_<
DRSKThat's not vertical, that's horizontal afeijo
afeijosorry, yes vertical-align
afeijomargin: 0 auto might work too (or is it: auto 0)
rivenDRSK: if the text in the LIs is always supposed to be single-line, you can easily vertical align it by setting the line-height to the height of the container.
DRSKriven: Thank you, although ul li { vertical-align: middle; } worked out nicely, any reason as to why I'd use line-height prior to vertical-align?
DRSKYes, the text is supposed to be single-lined, as in vertically aligned instead of default, horizontal.
rivenDRSK: usually your solution wouldn't work, when certain styling is applied to the LIs
DRSKafeijo: That is still horizontal positioning, not vertical.
DRSKriven: it's plain text
rivenright okay, that'll work then... but will stop working as soon as you add certain styling, such as border or backgrounds that need to be the full height as well (as it pretty common)
rivenas is*
eigentorIf I use display: inline for my li elements they always have an extra distance on the right (only the first element has not)
eigentorI wonder what this comes from
eigentorIf I float them it goes away
eigentorAm unsure if this is always the case or something in my css causes this
eigentoror may this be a doctype problem?
antgelhi all.  just looking at line-height.  where i only have one line, there's no point setting it *as well as height*, is there?
antgeli.e. height: 37px => line-height: 37px is redundant?
Shambatif I want to center a static page, I need to use the margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; correct? the div is not centering, so is there some requirement other than this? does the containing div need any special property?
rivenantgel: depends
rivennormally, no
rivenShambat: a width.
eighty4eigentor: remove all white-spaces between </li> and <li>
antgelriven: okay.  what other information do i need to give, to get a concrete answer?
eighty4Shambat: it needs a width
eighty4oups, sorry riven
rivenantgel: nothing. If you get the result you want without setting a line-height, then you're good. (the is always a line-height set, as it is inherited.)
Shambateighty4: is that the div with the auto margins or the parent div?
eighty4Shambat: the auto margin div
antgelriven: wow, i just found out that i needed line-height explicitly set to make my vertical-align: middle work.  thanks
Shambateighty4, riven: perfect thanks!
DRSK <-- How do I move the 'tag' to the left? Do I use left: -200px; or do I do something else than position: absolute?
DRSKleft: 410px; *
rivenDRSK: abs pos or negative margins.
DRSKso, as it is now I'm using abs pos, but do I use left: 410px?
DRSKIs that "ok" so to speak?
rivenerr, use whichever values puts it where you want it.
DRSKI was thinking of 410px left in Chrome/FF etc may look good, but perhaps IE and whatnot it wouldnt etc
DRSKThank's though, I'll go with the 410px
rivenonly one way to find out
mezodhi, i am trying to add this drop-down into my page (between the text input and the glass submit button in searchbar )but i seem to be doing something wrong, does anyone have a clue?
eigentorah I accidentally restarted my machine
eigentorSo why would I always have that extra space on the left of an li element that is displayed inline
eigentor see "Kommentar hinzufügen"
riveneigentor: that's the white-space in the source.
eigentorhehe I could look forever....
riveneigentor: remove the white space, or comment it out, or use the </li\n><li... markup trick
rivenor switch to floats
eigentorriven hard to believe
riven.. what?
eigentorsince both li and a show no space
eigentorbut still whitespace
Action: eigentor looks this up
rivenno idea what you're talking about now
eigentorhover the li or a element in firebug
eigentorno space visible on the left side of that element
eigentorwhen I float them, it is also gone
rivenit's not part of any element
rivenit's inbetween.
rivenit's a space, like a space between two words.
eigentorbut its sure not in the drupal source code
eigentorIf I use display: block
eigentorthere are no spaces
eigentorso this should be something different
rivenum, no?
rivenfor the same reason the spaces aren't there with floats... block-level elements are exactly that, _blocks_.
eigentoryou mean the space is on the right side of the li?
eigentorriven this are standard drupal links
rivenstop being dumb. I already told you, it's inbetween (inline-level) elements, if there is any white space in the source.
Action: hmw hands riven a big cup of KeepCalm(tm)
riveneigentor: then go complain to drupal?
riveneigentor: or sta yourself in the eyes for using drufail.
eigentorthe source code is extremely well tested
hmwI second this request.
eigentorwould not guess to have white spaces there
Clorithat least it's better then joomla ;P
eigentorha this is fun
antgelthis is a fun channel, where's my popcorn?
riveneigentor: seriously, shut the fuck up. You've been told what the issue is. If you can't accept that, just get lost and go cry in a corner.
eigentorI can bash also ;)
eigentorriven now you are definitely going to far
rivenYou ain't seen nothin' yet, kid.
eigentorthis is a public channel
Action: hmw hands antgel a link to popcorn with hot butter:
hmwHey, you can't stop the show now!
Action: antgel grooves
mezodhi, i am trying to add this drop-down into my page (between the text input and the glass submit button in searchbar )but i seem to be doing something wrong, does anyone have a clue?
guyhow do I set background image opacity (css3)?
designerI was just wondering, how is it best to use & practice css? when I need to target an element, would it be best to... just write like .element1 .element11 .target { ... } or .typeALongNameForTheTarget { ... } ???
guyIt depends... on either you need to target it once or it is part of, say.. block
ThePeachdesigner, this is just a suggestion, I do prefer compact and meaningful names, selections should be done in the same way and based on the css standards for percedence.
guyusually you would write .ling .with .many selectors as this make it reusable.
Aefrozesomeone pls have a look here:
Aefrozeand tell me how to remove the gap between "Please select a category:" and the list that follows
guyh3 { margin-top: 0; }
Aefrozei tried to hide something (and h3) in between, since then I can't figure out how to remove this gap
Aefrozelet me see
Aefrozeit worked, yes
Aefrozethanks, guy
guyyou are welcome. I suggest you to google for "CSS reset"
Aefrozeok, i will. meanwhile another question: margin: 1.2em 0.8em 0.5em 0;
Aefrozedoes it refer to top, left, right, bottom margins?
gunther44can i apply a different style to a first li of a ul?
gunther44#someid li:first no?
guygunther44 :first-child or :nth-child(1)
gunther44first-child :) thanks
gunther44is nth-child new?
guynot supported in older broswers.
guythough has more features. eg. :nth-child(2n+1)
Action: guy back to rocket science
ManDayAny way to set off a background-image x pixels from the RIGHT?
rivenManDay: not with currently supported CSS, no.
rivenManDay: CSS3 defines a way to do that, but support for it is lacking right now.
ManDaycss3 defines something for everything, fortunally. support it lacks everywhere, unfortunately
ManDaythanks riven
hmwi am trying to find out, how to control automatic line break in text areas, but can't find anything. What should I be looking for?
hmwsomething like wrap="off" but valid... *sigh*
vicesie7 is showing an extra linebreak...
viceshow to fix?
vicesie8, chrome, and firefox all show it correctly
hmwvices: please give us a live URL or make a test case on
viceson the right for the mark twain quote, IE7 shows an extra linebreak
hmwvices: remove the height on the containing div
vicesi meant between the quote and mark twain's name
hmweither a fixed height or not...
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