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oksushirockband: dont bother
kinesisim tryng to center my menubar
oksushikinesis: i gave you a url that shows you how to do that
rockbandwhat do you mean...
rockbandjust wait for the results
oksushii mean, it doesnt validate
oksushiso dont waste your bandwidth
kinesisi just centeredd it in artisteer
rockbandyou must be jokin.
rockbanddoesnt validate and you preach to others?
oksushirockband: you see me asking for css help?
rockbandomg you gota a C
dronixthats a D
Action: oksushi rolls eyes
dronixor did my math just failed me
rockbandya thatd D
rockbandmy bad
WePanicForYouThat's why the rest of you lot come in here *limp wrist* oh help my CSS sucketh.
dronixWePanicForYou your nick suits you well
oksushirockband: youre right, my Web site fails due to lack of attention. Whats your excuse?
rockbandhappy to say i got a better grade
rockbandi got a c+
oksushiah, a quick grep of my logs has shown you for the n00b you are
dronixoksushi: that pic with the fake blood gets me everytime, I'm "wtf" at first, then, 'ah ic"
oksushiyeah man
oksushiyou can make it a repeating wallpaper
oksushiand it is mesmerising :P
dronixheh, gonna do that now, lets see
dronixoh, just crashed skithc
WePanicForYouLooks like Ian Curtis having sinus issues.
WePanicForYouYou reckon that's why...?  Naaah.
mindbrainhey, i wanna style this table, i want every other row to have a different background color, whaada I do
WePanicForYouMake a script that does random letters and numbers for each TD background colour.
mindbraini'm just gonna read some of these tutorials first
cyphaopinions on overlapping tabs?
mindbrainseriously is that the way to do it ?
WePanicForYoumindbrain: What, exactly, are you trying to do?
Corkmindbrain: you have two options
Corkyou can be backwards compatible and add class odd/even to the tr
mindbrainlook just a differnt background color for every other row hello
dronixmindbrain:   and
Corkmindbrain: or you can use :nth-child, but its less supported
mindbraincool thanks a lot
rockbandmaking a script isnt hard either..[my prefered choice]
Corkscript, you mean doing it with js?
rockbandyou can add a bunch of selected colors in a array and randomly select one.
Corkor a server script?
rockbandany one would do
Corkdoing it with js sucks though
cyphaopinions on overlapping tabs?
rockbandphp can do it easily
Corkbut i prefer to add classes, instead of style values
Corkit gets alot cleaner
rockbandsure but thats kind manual
Corkuh... why is class="<?php echo odd ? 'odd' : 'even'; ?>" more manual then writing color values?
Jack-in-Boxhi all, I'm new to web design, I want to create a very FAST menu, the is very optimized and very compatible... ppl are all telling me diff technologies... which is the fastest?  Pure CSS, CSS+JS, AJAX, DHTML
Corkif you have it in the css, its easier to adjust the color, and you might want to change more then just the bg color
CorkJack-in-Box: css, menus is about as fast as you can get
Corkits less functional then js menus though
Corkif you move out of the menu (if you use flyout), it will collaps and so on
WePanicForYouJack-in-Box: The most common CSS menu
WePanicForYouPlain, simple, 2 styles.  Bob's your uncle.
Jack-in-BoxI'm trying to emulate the menu on, but i'm not sure what they are using...the code on the page says something about superfish?
CorkJack-in-Box: if you want the best of both worlds, you can start with a css menu, then extend it with js to make it prittier
Jack-in-Boxis there an easy utility to use to make a css menu?   i tried the trial of Pure CSS, but doesn't have the look i want...
rockbandjack, are you talking about the slider??
Jack-in-Boxi want a horizontal submenu, but not many templates with that style...
WePanicForYouJack-in-Box: We can't log in.  Can't see what you see.
Jack-in-Boxdarn... forgot there is a logon on the site
Action: WePanicForYou loves how everyone is married just last year. Yeah, where's the 'We met in 1997' folks?
WePanicForYouAll divorced?
rockbandlol site
rockbandtoo bad they will not allow me in there
Jack-in-Boxanyway i can send u guys a screen shot or something to the channel?
WePanicForYouFucking easy to have the happy new couples talking.  How about the long-term folks?
WePanicForYouJack-in-Box: We'd need to see the site code as well.
WePanicForYouI'm off to shave a schmuck.
Jack-in-Boxis superfish js or css?
Corkisn't that a jquery plugin?
Jack-in-Boxthats what the code says
Jack-in-Boxsomething about jquery - whatever that is
CorkJack-in-Box: jquery is a javascript framework
Jack-in-Boxwhen i google it, it says if there is a lack of js, it will still run with just css alone
Jack-in-Boxwhy do they call it a plugin?    
CorkJack-in-Box: it builds ontop of the jquery framework, and thats called a jquery plugin
cyphadoes anyone have an opinion on overlapping tabs?
cyphais it bad practice?
b0xameaning... normal tabs?
cyphawhere the slanted edges overlap
Corkyou mean a tab menu?
Corkwhy would it be bad?
Corkas long as you fiddle with the z-index to make it work correctly, i don't see the problem
Corkis that suppose to be with and without overlap?
Corkor what is the last link?
cyphathat's my website
cyphawithout overlap
Corkthey both work for me, you don't have that many tabs, so...
cyphait's so spread out
cyphait'll be 3 or 4 tabs
Corkthen i guess you want to at least make the radius smaller on the tab
Corkand move them closer
Corkoverlap or not, is up to you
cyphahow can I move them closer?
cyphaactually, Cork
cyphathere's a problem with the tab
cyphazoom in
cyphawhile the tab is active
cyphathe line underneath shows up
Cork"shows up"?
cyphaappears :)
Corkso don't add it if you wan't want it
LearnerJqi am facing a disappearing content issue in the HATED is the link to my website...the first .leftbox div containing latest ads in car is not showing up in IET
cyphai don't want the line underneath an active tab to appear
cyphapeshawar eh?
cyphamy dad is from there
LearnerJqCYPHA:ahan and u from?
cyphaCork, furthermore, the tab looks broken in IE
cyphawithout zooming in
cyphaLearnerJq, India
cyphawell, USA
cyphabut I was born in india back in the day
LearnerJqahan:then inform your dad that your city of birth has a website u pathan?
CorkLearnerJq: welcome to the love of DD_belatedPNG_0.0.8a-min.js
CorkLearnerJq: its a known problem with that hack
cyphaLearnerJq, when you click on the link and it rolls down, it doesnt roll back up when you click again
cyphaLearnerJq, what CMS?
Jack-in-Boxaside from coding my hand what is the easiest tool to use to make menus
WePanicForYouI don't know, I code by hand.
WePanicForYouSpend more time learning how to work a 'tool' than you would hand coding 100 menus.
Jack-in-Boxhaha, ur prob right...
Jack-in-Boxi spent all day looking for tools
Jack-in-Boxfound zippo
EtotheKho i can change color text in input?
CorkEtotheK: input { color: red; }
Corkyou might want to use input[type="text"] { color: red; } though
Corkor posibly even input[type="text"], input[type="password"] { color: red; }
LearnerJqcypha :sorry i was away
LearnerJqits not cms
LearnerJqcustom built
LearnerJqCork:and my issue isnt related to belated png
hermes1908can someone help me?
hermes1908I wrote a small bookmark page in html and css and for some reason when i set the margin it only appears to the right not the bottom
hermes1908code is here
hermes1908more specifically css file is here
__jSepiahermes1908: I can't access any of those URLs, could you please check?
hermes1908as you can see even though the margin-bottom property is set it seems to have no effect
hermes1908let me check
hermes1908they work fine for me and they are hosted on a remote server
WePanicForYouhermes1908: Where's your doctype?
hermes1908WePanicForYou: good point forgot that, but it shouldnt make a difference in firefox, should it?
hermes1908let me try adding it one sec
WePanicForYouhermes1908: You also can't have the same ID in the same page.
WePanicForYouid="section" 2 times in same page is invalid.
__jSepiaand I believe you can't set vertical margins for inline elements
EtotheKCork: tenks!!!
EtotheKCork: Thanks
hermes1908__jSepia: ahh, didnt know that
hermes1908WePanicForYou: hmm really i didnt know that
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