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Dieter_bei don't see how python can be better then C+lua
anrxcI remember something about awesome becoming like a lua implementation of python's object model
anrxcbut that should be discussed with author him self
Dieter_bei see
qacekanrxc: i thought it was bazinga;a=summary
anrxcthere are two projects, one is some kind of core, other a wm
qacekoh i see
Kodamaanrxc I'd like to make the font size of your .Xdefaults a little bigger but nothing seems to work
anrxcwhat font, what application?
Kodamawell the xterm part
anrxcopen one xterm now
anrxcexecute command xfontsel
anrxcfrom fndry select xos4, from family select terminus from others select how you wish your font to look like
anrxcwhen you are done click on the "select" button
anrxcthat will paste the font to your clipboard which you can paste to your Xdefaults
Kodamadon't hav xos4 in fndry
anrxcthen you don't have terminus at all?
Kodamawell I have 17 entries there but no xos4
anrxcI guess what happens is terminus is not found and xterm defaults to some basic small font
anrxcyou use arch linux right?
anrxcpacman -Ss terminus-font
anrxcthink you can refresh the font database without restarting X
anrxccommand should be: xset fp rehash
anrxchope that works, if not you have to restart your X for it to see terminus
anrxcyou could've used another font, but terminus is good, and you said you want your destop to look like mine
anrxcan _I_'ve been using terminus for more years than I can remember
anrxchow did I ever find it that first time...
Kodamalooks like I have to restart x
Kodamajust a sec
GGLucasKodama: gnu screen
GGLucasLook it up.
GGLucasanrxc: You managed to get terminus in xfontsel?
Kodamastill no terminus or xos4
GGLucasI never managed to, always had to go through fontconfig/xft.
anrxconly way for that to happen is you don't have /usr/share/fonts/local/ in the X FontPath ?
GGLucasKodama: What does `fc-match -s terminus` output?
anrxcyeah if xft works you can use that ... and you'll be happier because there's no cryptic lines only "Terminus:size=16"
anrxcor something like that
GGLucasIsn't it slower though?
GGLucasKodama: Hm. Your bitmap fonts are probably disabled.
GGLucasOh wait, no they aren't.
GGLucasYou typod.
anrxcnot that he will notice, IRC'ing here :)
anrxche made a mistake
anrxcbut terminus is available...see bottom of list
GGLucasHence my "typod".
anrxcI don't know how xterm*font is with xft
GGLucasOh damn, adding /usr/share/fonts/local to fontpath did the trick. Why did I never think of that.
anrxcxterm*font: "xft:Terminus"
GGLucasDoing it directly there _should_ be faster than xft no?
anrxcdon't know let's test
anrxctime seq -f "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog %g" 1000000
anrxcurxvt 1.49s user 2.22s, xterm with the same font is still running and I see no end :)
Kodamaok thank you guys...will read the font wiki of arch linux tomorrow...have to go to bed now...bye
anrxcKodama: don't need to
anrxclet me check my dotfiles log
Kodamaok but I have to read a little more into xfontsel
anrxchere it is
GGLucas13s with xft, 10s with direct x fonts
anrxcclipboard lost, moment
anrxcKodama: from what you pasted we know that xft will work
anrxcKodama: so try this instead of those font lines:  xterm*faceName:      terminus:pixelsize=10
GGLucasOh nice. I can still use xft fonts as backup for unicode glyphs.
anrxcKodama: adjust the size as you see fit - it's what got you here in the first place
Kodamayes,'s just that your font size is a little too small for me...kinda hard to read
anrxcthat was not my font size
anrxcyou did not have my font, xterm was defaulting to some generic one
Kodamaah, ok, that's why changing the size from 12 to 16 had no effect
anrxcexactly :)
Kodamareally have to sleep now...thanks for your help
anrxcI should too
Action: Elv13 anrxc need to sleep?
Elv13this is new
anrxcshould and will are miles away :)
Elv13oh, wait "should" not will
anrxcit doesn't go well with my sleep disorder
GGLucasBah. I keep getting seduced by smaller fonts.
GGLucasEvery once in a while I switch to 10px terminus.
GGLucasBut then I get annoyed and switch back.
GGLucasIn _theory_ I should be able to use it, so it pisses me off.
anrxcdeveloped the disorder when I had dial-up, at night rates were cheaper
anrxcand in general they were so high 80% of my pay at that time went for the phone bill
GGLucasanrxc: That sounds like most geeks I know :P
anrxc...and one crucial fact, 70% of my job was the third shift, nights
boltin section 3.9 of the FAQ, what does this line actually do? ==> = { "Down", "Alt_L" }
GGLucasIncluding myself.
anrxcperfect combination for the disorder, courtesy of T-Com :)
GGLucasWhat's the difference between DSPS and regular old can't get to sleep until 3AM?
anrxcyeah, but can we/you go back? I can not, I tried everything :\
Elv13it have a not so cool name, thats the difference
anrxcit's funny how in the beggining I was happy, I was hacking away while the society slept
GGLucasFor one or two days after physical exhaustion :P
anrxcnow I want to cry
anrxcthis is going on for 7 years now
anrxcit's not just some thing...
anrxcso beware young(er) hackers :(
Elv13don't worry, dial up is long dead
Elv13but coding at night is fun
anrxcthe romantic idea of hacking while other sleep can get you in trouble :)
Elv13umm, I found a solution
GGLucasI've long given up on trying to go to bed early. Sometimes it works but usually you end up sleeping even later than if you'd just stayed up.
Elv13you should use my wonderfull blue awesome theme, it is so relaxing that you don't need sleep anymore!
anrxctalking about this reminded me of
anrxcyou start around midnight on something, next thing you know it's daylight and birds are singing :)
GGLucasThat's really only 4-5 hours.
anrxcmax time I managed to meditate is like 10 minutes :)
anrxcbeing lost like this for hours is amazing to me
anrxcI guess gamers experience it too
GGLucasHappens when I'm biking from/to uni. Suddenly I'm 20 minutes further and I can't remember having been there.
anrxcnot a safe way to participate in traffic :)
GGLucasNah, you still do everything you'd normally do, just subconsciously.
anrxcperhaps like driving, lots of people say they do it automatically without thinking
anrxcwow this is interesting
GGLucasOf course I object to that name. It makes me insinuate I'm badass enough to drive my bike on a highway, and then people get disappointed when I'm not.
Elv13It's not badass, it's plain stupid, I did it a few time (drunk) and I almost killed myself 1000 time
GGLucasI'm assuming you can go the same speed as everyone else on the highway.
GGLucasOr it would be stupid yes.
Elv13well, I can go faster than a car, but not on a highway
Elv13other subject (and as always in this chatroom, off topic), anybody used the -ffast-math gcc optimisation?
GGLucasOh wow with terminus 10px that little seq test took 60 seconds.
GGLucasI mean I expected it to be slower because it needs to paint more of the screen, but that's crazyi.
bolthm.. nevermind. worked it out :)
anrxcdefine ?
boltare you asking me what i worked out?
anrxcyes, did you ask a question?
boltabout 30 minutes ago
bolt"in section 3.9 of the FAQ, what does this line actually do? ==> = { "Down", "Alt_L" }"
anrxcah sorry, actually saw that
boltit just sets the Down and Alt_L keys to move down in the menu
anrxcit's a little trick I came up with
anrxcin other OS/DE you press Alt+Tab and keep pressing tab to cycle
anrxcimportant thing being to not have to move ones hand to cycle,
boltah. so now you can keep pressing alt :)
anrxcalso important to have a familliar binding, but Alt+Tab is not as good as Alt+Esc
anrxcso Tab can not cycle we use Esc, and Esc can not cycle because of why we use Esc in the first place
anrxcwe use Esc because Esc closes the menu, which also means if you press Alt+Esc while menu is open it will close - effect of toggle
anrxcin the end our binding has just one line, just one call to!
anrxcotherwise we would have to toggle the menu our selves
anrxcthis is not official, this is my solution to the usability problem
bolti bound it to alt+tab, actually. just felt more natural to me. and i had it display at the very upper right corner of the screen, below the wibox. i also moved the Mod4+w menu so it always goes to the upper left corner below the wibox. i like it a lot :D
anrxcthen it is not like I intented...
boltwhat did you intend?
anrxcpressing Alt+Tab could end you up with multiple menus
anrxcI just explained what, the Esc trick
boltthat's true
bolti'll move it to esc then. didn't know about the esc thingy when i read the faq
anrxcmap Tab to close the menu to ge thte same effect, or even better Alt to close Tab to cycle
anrxcbut it adds more lines to rc.lua - my goal as I said before was to be as minimal as possible - one line
boltrebound now :)
Action: bolt is off to bed
anrxcI would also like to have it on alt+tab with tab to cycle
anrxcbut I'm not willing to sacrifice 2 lines of rc.lua
boltanrxc: thanks for the great support you're providing. i find you're almost always the one answering my questions, and i greatly appreciate it :D
anrxcI'm just the looser with least social life :)
anrxctomorrow it could be someone else...
anrxcor maybe
anrxcI have an IRC disorder! :)
anrxcyeah, I like that explanation...
anrxcbtw I didn't know shit when I came in here, it was farhaven answering all my questions
anrxcfor dust you are and to dust you will return
GarothHuh: check it out guys, do a google for "awesome" ;)
Elv13it's mosly localised, so nobody will have the same result
qacekit might be using your history, i get
rbistolfiI get first and second
Elv13try using a proxy and see if it is still the case, then google just know too much about you
TheBraynhowdy folks
TheBraynhow can I get rid of this wallpaper message after starting awesom?
Kodamagood morning...can I set antialias for fonts in my taskbar? (somewhere in the theme.lua maybe?)
noxville^_^, having a problem with fbsetbg -f on multiple monitors (it's taking image 1 and stretching it). Any ideas?
farhavennoxville: try nitrogen instead :)
farhavenworks fine for setting multihead wallpapers here
noxvillefarhaven: Okie.
Dieter_beTheBrayn: ply
raph_ael_re / ply
macrobatis there a wallpaper message? haven't noticed
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