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gothosanrxc: yeah, I already changed it to "Envy Code R 8"
gothosI also changed the wibox height to 13px
anrxcthen your icons will not fit
anrxcthey are 8px with a 4px transparent border, enalarge their border so they don't get blurred
raphixI can't find the webpage where all the client properties are listed (like ontop, sticky, etc.), has someone got it in mind ?
raphixanrxc: thx !
pmarshanrxc: you the main developer?
anrxcpmarsh: of awesome?
pmarshor just a very knowledgeable user? :)
anrxcpmarsh: no, Julien Danjou (jd_) is, sometimes I send patches but I don't even qualify as a developer let alone main :)
anrxcpmarsh: it's all for completely selfish reasons, everything I do is to improve my own environment :p
pmarshsounds like the reason to use awesome
gothosanrxc: too much work for that, changed the font for now. until I figure out why profont isn't working
anrxcI had 14px wibox some months ago
anrxcyou can get old revision of my icons from my git repo
gothosanrxc: I just tried them, the 12px version looks a lot better IMHO :)
anrxcthey look the same. the transparent border is shorter
gothosyeah, I know
anrxcif you want to use 14px version then enlarge your wibox to 14px
gothosbut it changes how the hole bar looks
anrxc(to avoid scale, and blur)
gothosmy font is only 13px, so it's not aligned
anrxcthere is a way to tell awesome not to scale images
anrxcbut then images are not aligned, and then you have to make sure they are... and in the end I decided it's easier for me to modify the actual images (Since I already did that)
anrxcsince we are talkinga about this, 12px wibox and Profont is nothing more than a way to save space for me
gothosyeah, same here. I've a 1440x900 display in my laptop, so the vertical space is rather limited
farhavennice display there :D
PrAnGiJahello everyone
PrAnGiJajust one quick question
PrAnGiJawhere can I read about the usage of vicious widgets (I want to find out how to use the weather widget for example)
farhavenanrxc: your customer! :)
anrxcit's all there from A to } :)
PrAnGiJai tought that it's the same as the one I found on net
PrAnGiJabut it obviously isn't
PrAnGiJathank you
farhavenor it's everything from  to / :D
bioe007'obvious'ly is another problem altogether...
farhaveni need a cyrillic layer for my keymap...
farhavenbioe007: it ain't a problem dude!
farhavenit's the freaking solution :D
PrAnGiJaanrxc: this realy works
PrAnGiJawho would have tought
anrxceveryone if only I called the file DONTREADME
farhavenhmm, file :D
PrAnGiJayou should have
bioe007anrxc: maybe you should force some naughty popup...
PrAnGiJait doesn't "know" the weather for Split
anrxcwhat's the nearest weather station?
PrAnGiJait is split
PrAnGiJabut it gives an N/A weather information
PrAnGiJathe temperature and wind is ok
PrAnGiJait's not up to widget
anrxcI thought it doesn't work at all, ok
PrAnGiJano no
PrAnGiJait works
anrxcyou can check some of those stations, find one that does provide weather
anrxcI think it's not much different than "sky conditions" for example
anrxcmaybe it just says "sunny" or whatever
PrAnGiJaprobably something like that
PrAnGiJathis seems like I don't even look outside and need a widget to inform me about it
anrxcI wrote this one because many years ago I remember placing "LDRI" into gkrellm
anrxcI ended up not using it, but it was just nostalgic feeling I guess
PrAnGiJayeah, I used it in conky I think
PrAnGiJawell Brac works
anrxcoh yeah, I guess "mostly cloudy" doesn't actually say if it's raining or not :)
anrxcevery time it rains my DSL breaks up
anrxcfrom 00:04 to 00:11 I dissapeared for the same reason
PrAnGiJathat's strange
PrAnGiJanever heard of something like that
PrAnGiJathat's some lame country you live in :)
anrxcno? I lost at least 10 modems to thunder
anrxcyeah, phone lines from WWII :)
gothoswhy would a land line be affected by rain? :S
PrAnGiJaoh thunder is something different
anrxcimagine buying "Max TV" and then every time it rains (6 months of the year) you can't watch it
anrxcI don't know how they even dare
PrAnGiJalike they care
PrAnGiJanno1 can even touch them so to say
PrAnGiJaI would take the Max TV even if the paid me for it
PrAnGiJaanyway that's it from me tonight, i'm of
PrAnGiJathanks for the weather report
anrxcI saw Numb3rs episode 7 of season 6 last night
anrxcit's about hackers
anrxcat one point they even break into IRC (and explain IRC), and one of them "reads leetspeak" :)
Action: anrxc t4k3s a br34k
garotosopaHi there. gimp-toolbox and gimp-dock are dockable and I can place them on the edge of the screens. Is there a rule that can do it automatically?
anrxcgarotosopa: ?
anrxcgarotosopa: if someone did it, this guy did
garotosopaanrxc: everytime I open gimp I have to drag the toolbox and dock windows to the edges of the screen so they get docked. I'd like to automate this.
garotosopathanks, I'll check it out :)
garotosopahe used a different approach, but there are some other good settings there!
anrxcdamn I hoped he did it
anrxcI never checked how awesome docking code works
anrxcyou can place the client with c:geometry({ x,y }) - but I don't know if that is enough or the mouse must be involved for the docking code to kick in
anrxcbecause if that is true then I have no ideas because I don't know how it works
garotosopaI checked the API and found only set/get dockable, but it's already identified correctly. If that geometry setting doesn't work I might try to read the source some time.
anrxcby saying x = 0, y = 0 window covers the (top) wibox
anrxcquestion is will it dock automatically because now it is over the wibox :)
anrxcprobably not, because it's more intelligent that that
anrxcthe same trick could be tried by positioning the window along the right/left edge
anrxcbut probably won't work
nedanyone know how to change the gtk-theme default font-size for apps launched from awesome ?
scbI change it from the gnome-control-center. Yes, not really lightweight.
anrxcless .gtkrc-2.0
anrxcgtk-font-name="Liberation Sans 8"
anrxcstyle "user-font"
anrxc{ font_name="Liberation Sans 8"
anrxcwidget_class "*" style "user-font"
anrxcthat should cover all apps and widgets... you can find my full gtkrc in my dotfiles repo
anrxcnew vicious finally ready
Action: anrxc wanders off
nedhmm alternatively `lxappearance' can do that as well.
nedwhere that = what i was attempting to do.
anrxcthat's cool, install and use a third party tool for 2 lines you can do with your editor
anrxcyou win The Internet! :)
nedhah. sorry i was struggling pretty heavily with this for a while.
anrxcif one already has that tool, that's OK, but thank God we are not forced to use one
anrxcthere used to be ~/.qt and one could edit
anrxcnow I have no idea it's probably some binary blob and you need to use qtconfig
anrxcNext release, tag 1.0.24
Action: anrxc afk: [detached]
micahwhat is the tweak I need to make to my rc.lua to make full screen windows, actually be full screen and now have some boarder pieces?
anrxcborders are removed by default
anrxchowever awesome 3.4.3 has a problem with titlebars on fullscreen apps, well known bug
anrxcyou can see my rc.lua how I deal with it
micahihm, its not boarders actually
micahi'm not sure how to describe it :)
micahif I full screen a window, i still see some of my background above, to the right and below
micahbut not to the left
micahdoes that make sense?
micahok, i open a terminal. I full screen it
micahit should take up the full screen
micahas you can see here:
anrxcdid that window have a titlebar?
micahin that shot you can see there is a thin line on the bottom, between the xterm and my wibox action, as well as one on the right
micahno, no title bar, this is urxvt
micahthe thin line you are seeing is my background image
anrxcthis is urxvt? so what urxvt doesn't have titlebars?
anrxcdid this window have a titlebar before you fullscreened it?
micahmine never have
anrxcalright, then it is not the titlebar-fullscreen bug
anrxcare you sure this is fullscreen and not maximize?
micahthere was an option, in previous before awesome 3, where you could turn it on and it turned on?off? some kind of screen hinting which made this go away
micahhm, i'm not sure i know the difference between fullscreen and maximize
anrxcthat was supposed to be my next question
anrxccan you locate awful.rules.rules table in your rc.lua now please?
micahah, i found full screen!
anrxcopen rc.lua so we ban those gaps all together...
micahi've been using maximize in the past and it would effectively do full screen, but leave me the wibox
micahi'm looking at awful.rules.rules
anrxcfind the first rule in the table,, the one that applies to all clients (adds borders and stuff)
anrxcappend another setting to that rule:
anrxcsize_hints_honor = false,
micahanrxc: you are a genius
micahthat was what I needed
anrxcI am an Ungenius awake at 6AM, I need sleep :)
anrxcbye bye
micahsleep well
qfluidI am trying to setup a rule, something like { class = "firefox", properties = { tag = current_tag and "web" } }, but I am not sure how to return tag table by "selected" or "current" and by name.
psychonqfluid: that's not possible with tag
psychonqfluid: you'd need a callback
qfluidpsychon, care to elaborate?
psychonworking on it
psychoncoding on irc isnt that easy, gimme a sec ;)
psychonwhich one is the "web" tag btw?
qfluidso I have the usual 1-9 tags + another one "web"
qfluidnow, I don't want to identify it as a 10th tag, because it would not be very flexible in the future for other categories I might want to add
psychonproperties = { callback = function(c) local t = awful.tag.selectedlist(c.screen) table.insert(t, <whatever "web" is>) c:tags(t) end) } }
psychonnow that without the syntax errors...
psychonproperties = { callback = function(c) local t = awful.tag.selectedlist(c.screen) table.insert(t, <whatever "web" is>) c:tags(t) end }
qfluidby <whatever "web" is>, how do you search a list of current tags for one whose name matches "web"?
qfluidis there a helpful function for that?
psychonyou dont, I'd say
psychonhow are you creating that tag?
qfluidat this point, I just added it to the tags = awful.tag({{1,2...} list at the beginning of the default rc.lua
qfluidso it's not a dynamic tag yet
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